Arabica Bar and Kitchen is a restaurant that serves food from the Levant (Mediterranean countries – Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Armenia and Turkey) in Borough Market. The restaurant is modern and despite the food sometimes being quite similar to the food at your usual Maroush, it has a more casual and modern atmosphere. You can either sit inside or outside, where you can watch people eating their Borough Market food whilst slowly walking from stall to stall. Arabica Bar and Kitchen serves breakfast from 8.30 to 11.30, then takes a small break and restarts serving food from 12.00. The menu was genionely very interesting, and was divided into nibbles, dips, fried dishes, clay oven dishes, charcoal dishes, salads, cold/raw/cured dishes, stove and grill dishes and... Continue reading
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Jun 19 2015


Salloos is one of London's oldest Pakistani restaurants, which first opened in 1966 in Pakistan and after the owner moved to London, has been operating at the same Belgravia/ Knightsbridge site we went to since 1976.  Salloos was opened in 1966 by Mr Salahuddin or Salloo as his family and friends called him, who had a deep passion for food, that he learn from his mum and initially the restaurant he opened in Pakistan in 1966 was run out of his house. Salloos in 1976 was the only upscale Pakistani restaurant in London. The Mughal kings ruled India before the British, and Salloos serves Pakistani food and focuses on Mughlai style of cooking and cooking from Persia and Arabia. Salloos is located in a small muse house, close to the Berkeley hotel and next to a few pubs which were full as... Continue reading
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