Salvation in Noodles (or SIN as they like to call themselves) is a Vietnamese restaurant in Hackney. They have a question written on the wall “have you SINed today”. As my boyfriend and I love Vietnamese food, we decided to try out this place on a Saturday evening. The place is not located next to any tube stations and required a 15min walk from Hackney station. The inside is plain, but what you would expect from a casual Vietnamese restaurant. The restaurant was quite full when we arrived and when we left, however from the name I thought it would be a more fun and a bit “cooler” place. The menu divides its dishes into social food (meant for sharing, sort of like starters but some of them quite big), hot noodles and cold noodles and has your typical Vietnamese dishes you would expect to... Continue reading
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Jul 29 2014

Langan’s Brasserie

Langan’s Brasserie surprised me. I did not expect it to be as good as it was. For a long long time I had no interest in going there, as it looked like it had been there for many years and I thought it was one of these restaurants living on formal glory and not actually being any good. Also it does not look that attractive from the outside and one of my lunch buddies Felipe said he thought it was similar to something like Garfunkels with the bright red sign outside. Langan’s Brasserie is indeed very old. It is located in Mayfair, just by Green Park station and was first opened in 1976 by Peter Langan and has hosted celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger, Mohammed Ali and more. It is also particularly famous for its artwork, walls are adorned with works by artists David Hockney,... Continue reading
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