Oct 31 2012

1 Lombard Street


1 Lombard Street is such an old school place and probably one of the most typical city restaurants. 1 Lombard Street located just by the bank station, which means people from Canary Wharf can take the quick DLR and be in 1 Lombard street in 15min, and it is located next to Mansion House, the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London, and directly opposite the Bank of England, which means people working there can also easily get to 1 Lombard Street. The restaurant is located in a former Grade II-listed bank, and it is interesting that it only opened up in 1998, which is not that long ago considering places like Sweetings have been around for more than 100 years, but still in these 14 years 1 Lombard Street has earned itself a reputation of being a traditional place where you can “do business”. There is a brasserie and a restaurant in 1 Lombard Street, and this time I went to the brasserie, and I have been to 1 Lombard Street one other time in my life, 5 years ago, and at that time I went to the restaurant. I went to 1 Lombard Street for lunch and the brasserie is in a light room that seats a lot of people and there is a bar in the middle of the room, and it has a lovely glass cupola – a centerpiece dome designed by Italian architect Pietro Agostini – in the middle of the room. You can get classic city dishes in the brasserie, like steak tartar, lamb cutlets, steak, so don’t expect anything creative just typical food city men like to eat. The menu is an A4 piece of paper and I decided to go for one of the specials which was chestnut soup and my lunch buddy Omar chose the Smoked salmon with rye bread. The chestnut soup was ok, it did not have  a strong flavor, and I would have liked for it to be a bit more chestnutty and more seasoned. Omar’s smoked salmon looked nice, although it was quite punchy to pay £13 for some salmon, rye bread and some salad leaves, but as I am sure the audience of 1 Lombard Street rarely pays for the food, and it is mostly expensed, then they can afford to get away with this. As for my main course I had the steak tartar and Omar had the Entrecote steak with chips and béarnaise sauce. My steak tartar was nicely presented but once again I thought it lacked any real flavour and I could not taste anything else really and it felt a bit like eating just plain raw meat. Omar’s entrecote and chips looked nice, but did not look anything out of the ordinary. You can have this type of dish in many other places. As a side I also had ordered a tomato salad, the menu said they had a “tomato and rocket” salad but the waiters and chefs were nice enough to accommodate my wishes and I got just a tomato salad. The salad was nice, but I did think the green tomato in the salad was truly unripe and it was green not because it was a beautiful different colour tomato but because it just was not ripe enough to eat. I think 1 Lombard Street is a traditional place in a sense that you can bring anyone there and they will be able to order something they like and also have it nicely executed, but I personally would not go there if I had to pay myself, as it is not cheap and you get food that you can get in other places cheaper and better, e.g. like in Terroirs. But 1 Lombard Street does have a very convenient location and good and helpful staff as well as a beautiful room, which means I will probably go there again in the future.


Location: Bank

Date: 31/ 10/ 12

Price for 2, without alcohol and service charge: £101.93


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1 Lombard Street
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