Jun 16 2012

10 Greek Street

I have read quite a few reviews about the new Soho restaurant "10 Greek Street", so I was very excited when my boyfriend suggested we should go there. The idea of this place is quite similar to quite a few other places in Soho, like Ducksoup, Polpo etc, when the menu is composed of small and also a few bigger plates that are meant to be shared. When I first saw the menu I thought it was less inspiring than the previously mentioned places tapas places in London, as not only the menu is smaller, it has only got 12 starters/ main courses on the menu and 8 smaller plates, it also is more traditional food (the menu feels quite English/ European even though the main chef is Australian). We decided to have a small plate of "crumbed braisedlamb, gremolata mayonnaise", which turned out to be lamp balls cooked with breadcrubs, which were very nice. After that we had an "asparagus, morels, burrata & truffle oil" starter size dish and a "rigatoni, dorset crab, red onion, chilli & lemon" starter size dish. I was quite impressed with both, as they both were nicer than what I thought from the menu, and they were so nice I was extremely excited about this place by now (even though the virgin mary they had served me was almost like a glass of tomato juice), and I did think this at this point this place was much better than the other recent tapas places (the previously mentioned Ducksoup and the Polpo, Polpetto group's ones) I had been to, and I was ready to give this place 4 MMMMs. However the main course slightly let me down. I had "chicken with stuffing, potatoes and courgettes", which was quite bland. And because of this main course (and also because for some reason I started feeling a bit sick afterwards, not sure if it was the food, but I suspect it was)I mark it down by a small m, and this place gets the same ranking as Polpo, Polpetto and Ducksoup. And in my mind how you chose between these places is only based on the type of cuisine for tapas you want to have.

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10 Greek Street
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