Dec 14 2012

3 South Place Bar & Grill


3 South place is a new and trendy hotel located north of Moorgate on South Place, opened up by the D&D group (who runs restaurants such as Coq d’Argent, Floridita, New Street Grill) and this is their first venture into hotels. The hotel is beautiful, trendy, relaxing (also good location, as Moorgate needed a fancy hotel, as there was nowhere where to go to if you wanted that kind of environment) and it has 2 restaurants, both serving British food and run by chef Tony Fleming, the “3 south place bar & grill” and “Angler restaurant” on the top of the building, which is more expensive and a more white table cloth/serious restaurant. I went to the “3 South Place grill” restaurant for lunch with a nice big group of people, and we were sitting in the middle of one of the rooms on the ground floor, on the left hand side of the reception (note when you enter the hotel there are white sculptures of parts of humans which look very cool). The table was super funky and looked like a heavy stone table, but my Russian materials analyst Semyon told me it was actually a wood table covered in a stone look alike way. The menu in 3 South Place is good and varied and you can have the American mac and cheese with lobster, Indian curry, but yes mainly you will see British dishes. I decided to go for the “prawn cocktail with lettuce cress and shellfish dressing”, and I did very much like it, they gave you a good amount of prawns, I liked how they had added spring onions to the lettuce, which I have not seen anywhere else really but which made it taste nicer and more interesting and the presentations also was a bit funky. Some of my friends had the “roast king scallops with white pudding and sherry braised lentils”, so you can see a picture of this, and everyone that had scallops said they were amazing. Isabella had the “goat’s curd with Cheltenham and Chioggia beets, chard and lemon”, and she said it was also very good; some of the beets were crunchy and some soft, so it added a nice texture to the salad. For the main course I had the ‘Kashmiri’ curry, that had “36-hour braised Welsh lamb shoulder” and it was served with vintage basmati rice and condiments. The curry was nicely presented; they brought you 4 small Indian type metal curry plates, one filled with the rice, another with the lamb, another smaller one filled with cucumber raita and another small one with chutney. The rice was nice, the meat of the curry was tasty and super soft and you could feel this lamb had been cooked for a while. The curry lacked any oil and it felt as healthy as a curry could be, but I did think it lacked the special spices and just that Indian curry feeling that curries in Indian restaurants have, and which I like so much. It was like a British curry, which I guess is what they are trying to do in a British restaurant. The cucumber raita also lacked that proper Indian feel about it, and it was not as tasty as the one served in Indian restaurants. Other people had a steak, a “Butternut squash risotto served with shaved Berkswell cheese, sage and brown butter dressing”, a “Devon Red chicken pie with Penny Bun mushrooms” and a “bronze turkey served with smoked bacon and sage stuffing, goose fat roasted potatoes, button sprouts, Madeira sauce” and you can see all these dishes in the pictures and all the food was beautifully presented and looked appetizing. We also had sides of Green beans, buttered spinach, tomato & red onion salad to go with our main courses. I had a bit of the tomato and red onion salad, and I thought it was ok. I think 3 South Place serves good British food, it is not too expensive compared to other similar type of restaurants and this is probably my favorite restaurant from all D&D ones, as I liked the relaxing and cool atmosphere (you should go to the hotel even to have a look – it is very cool) and the vibe of the place. I loved how the food was not trying to be too pretentious like in some of the other D&D restaurants, and was good/ tasty quality food for the price you paid, and I did like the choice of dishes you could order from the menu. This hotel will definitely now be on my radar screen where to go for a drink or a meal

Location: Moorgate

Date: 14/12/12

Price for 8 people including alcohol: £565.90


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3 South Place Bar & Grill
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