Mar 22 2012



Apparently this is the meat equivalent of Scotts (the very famous fish restaurant) in Mayfair, although slightly smaller in size than Scotts, located near the Grosvenor square, but note I liked it much more than Scott's. 34 specialises in steak and various game dishes, but the fish starters that we had were superb as well!! This is definitely now one of my favourite places to go for steak. As a starter I had a plate of sashimi (zuma quality served with the freshly grated wasabi which is hard to get even in some of the expensive japanese restaurants) and my friend Ed had the prawn cocktail, which looked beautiful (and apparently was very delicious as well). For my main course I had steak which was great as well, delicious and all the sides were also great (very nice tomatoe salad) 

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34 Grosvenor Square W1K 2HD
United Kingdom
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