Sep 3 2013

3t Quan Nuong restaurant


I usually don’t follow trip advisor’s recommendations about restaurants, as I tend to find that the top rated places can sometimes be a bit bizarre cafes and small places I would not want to have dinner in , but in this case I did find 3t Quan Nuong restaurant through tripadvisor. I was googling restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city and one page led me to another and not long afterwards I was looking at 3t restaurant and reviews on trip advisors, where this is ranked as the 40th best restaurant in Ho Chi Minh city. The reviews described 3t Quan Nuong restaurant as a grill restaurant where you cook your own meat and fish in front of you and that sort of intrigued me and I was ready to go there.

3T restaurant was located about a 5/10 minute walk away from our hotel, in the nice part of Ho Chi Minh city, in District 1. It is not obvious from the outside where the restaurant is and there is only a small sign saying outside that you go inside the building for restaurant 3T and Temple Bar. You walk inside a small corridor and then go up a small staircase and my boyfriend described this whole thing like going to some dodgy and small party, and it does feel a bit strange to go to a restaurant through this sort of entrance. The Temple Club, another good Vietnamese restaurant, is located on the 2nd floor and on the 3rd floor, on the rooftop, you can find restaurant 3T. It is an open air restaurant covered by a roof which protects you when it rains.

The restaurant was buzzing when we first got there, many tables were occupied, mainly by locals, and you could see very few foreigners, which I thought is a good sign. We were seated by a small table with a grill in the middle of the table. We looked through the menu and the menu featured various things you could grill, various types of beef, seafood (prawns, squid, eel) as well as their specialties and various types of noodles, rice and salad. I let my boyfriend chose most of the food as by now I knew he was much better at ordering Vietnamese food than I was and he decided to go for 2 types of beef, beef with chilli and lemongrass and beef with 5 spices. You could either have a small or a large portion of it, and we decided to go for the small ones for both of these dishes to be able to try more. I also fancied some seafood and ordered prawns that we would be cooking, and to go with all this we got some steamed rice and a vegetable salad.

First the waiter turned on the grill in the middle of our table and put on top of it a sort of cooking pan. When the beef arrived as the waiters saw we were foreign to their restaurant and this type of cooking they showed us how to cook the beef. First we had to put some oil on the cooking pan and then put the beef on and watch it sizzle. It was amazing, the whole cooking process was fun, the beef was cut in super thin slices so it cooked very quickly and it was delicious to eat. I personally did not see any difference between the 2 types of beef but they were both delicious. The waitress also made for us a little bowl of sauce which had salt and lemon and it was delicious dipping the beef in this and eating it.

After we had finished the beef they changed the plate on which we were cooking so we could cook the prawns. Cooking prawns was even more fun, as they arrived on our table still alive and they kept moving and it was sort of really cruel but fun at the same time putting the live prawn on the barbecue and watching them turn pink and turning them around. You ate the prawns with the same lemon and salt sauce and they were incredibly delicious.

The vegetable salad we had ordered was also delicious, and they brought us this crispy cracker on which we were supposed to put the salad on and then eat it, something similar to what we had done with a salad in a restaurant in Hoi An, Vietnam. Was not the best salad I have had in Vietnam but nevertheless very good.

I thoroughly enjoyed my meal in 3T. Loved the whole hands on cooking your own food experience and also thought the taste of the prawns and the beef was absolutely delicious. This is one of my most memorable meals in Vietnam. But clearly if you don’t want to cook your own food and just want to relax and enjoy food, this is not the place for you.

Date: 03/ 09/ 13
Location: Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Price for 2 with 2 beers: VND 611,000 and I left VND 53,000 service charge (around £19.26)

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3t Quan Nuong restaurant
29 -31 Ton That Thiep, Q1
Ho Chi Minh City
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