Jan 9 2013


The Frommers travel guide as well as my small guide to Puerto Rico recommended to go to Aguaviva, so despite the fact I knew this was not a traditional Puerto Rican restaurant which I really wanted to go to and try the local food, I decided to go there to see if it really is as good as the travel guides were saying. Aguaviva is one of the restaurants owned by the “Oof! Group” and they seem to own the most trendy restaurants in Puerto Rico. Aguaviva was opened in 2002 and specialises in  “Seaside Latino Cuisine” and besides the main dining area also has a ceviche and oyster bar in front of the open kitchen. It was a short walk from our hotel to Aguaviva and when we entered I loved the interior of the restaurant. The restaurant is decorated in blue shades and has jellyfish type of decorations hanging from the ceiling. We did not have a reservation and we got a table, but there were not many tables available when we walked in, so I guess if you come on a Friday or a Saturday evening you should book to be on the safe side. Our waitress was super talkative and lively and she explained all the signature dishes and all the cocktails and she said they had great mojitos with different flavours. I started with an Aguaviva watermelon sangria which was ok but my boyfriend ordered the most amazing strawberry mojito, it was the nicest flavoured mojito I have ever had. Later on I also got a coconut mojito and that was divine as well. If you like cocktails and mojitos, this is definitely the place for you, you should come and try out the flavours.


We were not feeling that hungry so we just ordered 3 ceviches (they called it a 3 ceviche tasting). On the menu they had 6 ceviches, but we thought 6 was too much (even though we both love ceviche) and we ordered the Spicy Mahi Mahi (a type of fish popular in the Carribean) ceviche with cherry tomato, jicama and sriracha chili, the “Pulpo y Piquillo Peppers” ceviche which had marinated octopus and roasted peppers, as well as a third ceviche which I cant really remember. All the ceviches were served with hot crispy Puerto Rican tostones, which were just a type of plantain soft crisp. The ceviches were all super tasty, although I thought the portions (very very small) were too small for the $28 cost of these ceviches. Nevertheless because the ceviches were so tasty, probably one of the best ceviches I have ever had and all so very different in taste you can’t complain too much. For our main course we had the “Sofo” salad which according to the menu had “mixed greens with jicama and cucumber in a fresh mango basalmic vinaigrette” but was more like green leaves with cherry tomatoes and some other things in a lovely dressing which was too little for all the leaves. I thought this was the least impressive dish on the menu, and they had not tried to make this salad interesting in any way. We also had some pan seared scallops with “risotto al pescador” and this was incredible. The risotto was one of the nicest risottos I have ever had. It was creamy, also had some bacon which made it even more delicious and pieces of seafood, like calamari and mussels, scattered all over it. The scallops were also very delicious, overall a very very good dish. As a side to this we had a lobster mashed potato, and once again I loved it. I have seen before lobster mac and cheese that is sometimes served in steak restaurants but I have never seen lobster in mashed potatoes, and it worked very well. The mashed potatoes were soft and delicious and full of green herbs and there were chunks of lobster all throughout the mash.


I really really enjoyed the meal at Aguaviva, I thought all the dishes apart from the salad were best in class, but what makes me mark the place down besides the salad, is the bill, as I thought $175 is a bit too much for a meal where we did not eat that much. But if you don’t mind greatly about how much you pay, definitely go there and you will have an amazing time. 


Date: 09/01/13

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Price for 2 with cocktails and service charge: $175

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364 Cll Fortaleza 00901
San Juan
Puerto Rico
Aguaviva Reviewed by Hungry Bee Maija on . Rating: 4