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I was in Mykonos for my friend’s wedding and on the day of the wedding for lunch we wanted to go somewhere nice in Mykonos. One of the members of the wedding party recommended Alemagou and said that it was a great place for lunch on one of the nicest beaches in Mykonos, Ftelia. Ftelia beach is not the most popular one, and so has a nice intimate feeling to it, despite being full of people (the other beaches in Mykonos are way more crowded).

When we arrived, Alemagou definitely looked lovely. It seemed super fun with people drinking wine and cocktails, swimming, tanning and generally having fun. It has a great atmosphere, and a beautiful décor, one of the nicest places in Mykonos that I went to, with a beautiful view of the sea. When we first arrived they asked if we had a booking, and we did not, so they almost did not have any space for us, but managed to find a small table. But if you want to come here, especially in a larger group, make sure you book.

The menu focuses on Greek and Mediterranean traditional dishes and has a lot of small Greek style tapas dishes. We flicked through the menu but the thing that really caught our attention were the huge fish that a lot of the people around us were eating and they did not seem to be on the menu. We asked the waiter about this and he brought us a fresh, uncooked fish, he thought was enough for the 2 of us, and said he will cook it for us and bring it out for us with garnish. Besides the fish we also ordered “salata elliniki”, which was a take on the Greek feta cheese salad, and which was so delicious. The vegetables were fresh, cheese delicious, it was one of the best Greek salads, I have had in a long time full of amazing flavour. The waiter also brought us some bread and brown olives, which were good.

The fish was very impressive when it came. It was not cheap and cost us EUR 100, but it was worth it. There was so much flesh to eat, it was moist and firm, and just a very good fish. I sometimes am not too keen on fish in London, as I think quite a few places don’t cook it well and just make it boring, but this was close to perfection, if not perfect. With the fish, the waiter also brought us a plate of vegetables, which included potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini and greens, which were nicely cooked so they still had a tiny bit of bite to them, and were not over or under cooked. The vegetables were the right thing to have with the fish.

I had one of my most memorable meals in Mykonos in Alemagou, and my top 10/20 meal of this year. The food was nothing complicated, but the ingredients and execution were perfect. And the view of sun shining over the Mykonos sea could not be more beautiful.

Location: Mykonos
Price for 2 people, no alcohol: EUR 133.50
Date: 23/ 08/ 14

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Fetelia Beach
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