May 28 2012

Alma - Cocina Viva


We were staying in the Casa Andina Private Collections hotel in Puno, which is one of the best, if not the best hotels in Puno, and offers a wonderful view of Lake Titicaca, the main attraction in Puno. The restaurant inside the hotel is called “Alma – cocina viva” which means “soul, live cuisine” when translated literally, and we went there to get some food when we were staying in the hotel, as we had tried a local restaurant in Puno centre, La Casona, and did not really enjoy it.

The food in Alma I thought was better than the food in La Casona, and they served haute Peruvian food, still traditional but with also some European elements. We ordered a starter of an alpaca carpaccio, which was very good, although felt like just taken out of a fridge, as it was super cold. We also ordered a vegetable and cheese starter and all these vegetables were stacked together in a tower. As for the main course we shared chicken in the yellow aji (chilli pepper) sauce, which is a very typical sauce in Peru as we found out. We really enjoyed this dish and tried to more dishes in the yellow aji peper sauce during the rest of the trip but it was never as good as here. It was also nicely presented as were all the dishes at Alma.

Most of the restaurants in Puno are very casual offering more traditional food and if you want something a bit more upscale, so go to Alma. And the view from the restaurant of Lace Titicaca at night or during the day is breath-taking.

Date: 28/05/12
Location: Puno

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Alma - Cocina Viva
Av. Sesquicentenario 1970-1972, Sector Huaje, Puno 51
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