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Alounak is a Persian restaurant on Westbourne Grove, and it is extremely popular so a lot of the time there is a big queue outside the restaurant and on the menu it says you can’t stay more than 2 hours (presumably because the place is so popular and they don’t want you to take too long so they can serve others).

I went to Alounak on a Thursday evening for dinner with my friend Talib, and we arrived at 18.45, and the place was half busy (when we left at 8.30 there was a queue outside the restaurant). The interior is pleasant with slight Persian décor and there is an oven on one side of the restaurant where they bake their own bread, which we also ordered.

The menu is just 1 page and we ordered a mixed starter set to share with the just baked bread as well as a mixed salad and pickles. The bread was very good, thin and tasty, and better than the bread a similar Persian restaurant Colbeh makes. The mixed starter set included hummus, olivee salad (a typical Russian salad which I have no idea made their way on their menu) and different aubergine purees as well as pickles. I liked the hummus and the aubergine dips (I did not try the olivee salad) and overall found this extremely pleasant. I also ordered mixed pickles and was surprised to see them been cut up and mushed together, which I am not sure I fully enjoyed. The mixed salad was exactly that – different salad mixed together.

For the main course Talib and I both ordered a mixed grill type of plate for £14 each. One of us chose the mixed grill (which had 3 types of meat, including beef, chicken and minced meat kabab) with rice and the other one with salad and then we shared both. Both dishes were large and could have easily been shared among people that are not too hungry. I thought it was good, although I think there are many other restaurants on Edgware road that serve a similar thing for a very similar price.

I had a very good dinner there. Can’t say Alounak stands out for me from the other Persian restaurants (maybe because of the bread, which was better than in other places), but I did like the interior and as I said the bread, which is better than in the other Persian restaurant Colbeh, which I have reviewed, so Alounak scores 1 small m more. The service though was very similar to other Persian restaurants, that don’t really care too much about you and seem to want to serve you food as quick as you can so you can leave the money and go.

Date: 30/05/2013
Location: Notting Hill
Price for 2 people:  I don’t know as Talib bought me dinner

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44 Westbourne Grove, W2 5SH
United Kingdom
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