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Amarone is a 1 Michelin star restaurant in Rotterdam. It looks very polite and like a Michelin star restaurant with white tablecloths and very sophisticated inside with an open kitchen on one side of the restaurant. The main chef is Gert Blom who serves French food, and Amarone also has an impressive wine cellar with over 500 wines, and their wine sommelier Harrie Baas has apparently won many awards.

My friends Rob and Cornelis really like this restaurant and go there a lot and I have been there with them on a few occasions as well. On this occasion a big group of us went there for lunch. I absolutely love the amuse bouche or little snacks that they brought us before we ordered our meal, which included very delicious cheese croquettes, crispy bread with nice salami and a filled small tomato. 

Amarone has a daily special, which is great value for money at EUR35 for a starter, main course and a desert, and all of us went for this. The starter was a salad of fois gras, beef tartar, tuna, langoustines, and when I first heard this I thought these were separate salads not one salad with all these different items, as I could not believe you could have so many different and strong flavoured items in one salad, but yes indeed the waiter explained to me this was one salad. When it arrived you could see that it had really tiny pieces of all the mentioned items and when you tasted them separately they were good quality and nice, but I did not like all these items being put together on one plate in one salad. For me this dish just seemed very confused and with too many flavours that I can’t see how they all went together, fair enough they were being flashy and putting all this on one plate, but sometimes less is more. Half the people on our table liked this dish and half the people did not like it as much.

The main course in this lunch special was a fish with truffle sauce and ravioli, and I was the only person that did not have this, and everyone agreed that this was delicious and better than the starter, I tasted some of the fish and it was great with a very flavoursome sauce that tasted of truffle. I did not want a main course and instead I chose “seasoned veal tenderloin tartare with veal sweetbread fritters, pickled cucumbers, crispy shallots, egg yolk and cottage cheese”, and once again I thought there were too many things going on in this starter. I very much enjoyed the veal tartare with egg and pickled cucumbers, but have no idea why the cottage cheese was there, which I did not like at all and although I liked the sweetbreads it also did not really go with the rest of the things there.

All the ingredients at Amarone were good as I said, but I just think there were too many things going on, on the plate. However I liked the price, and the fact that the lunch cost only EUR35 and you got all these exclusive things. If the price was not so attractive for what you get, Amarone would get 1 small m less.

Date: 09/ 07/ 13
Location: Rotterdam
Price for 6 people with a glass of wine and no service charge (as the waiter told me in Holland you don’t need to pay service charge and it is included in the prices of food): €250

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Meent 72-A, 3011 JN
Amarone Reviewed by Hungry Bee Maija on . Rating: 3.5