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This is now my favourite Peruvian restaurant in London. Andina is located in Shoreditch, close to Shoreditch House, and serves Peruvian food focusing more on the food of Andes mountains (hence the name) which is different to the food that Peruvian restaurants like Ceviche and Koya serve and in my view more interesting. Ingredients like quinoa, maca, amaranth, cape gooseberry, purple maize and many more come from Andes and a lot of these you can see in Andina. Executive Chef at Andina is Tomasz Baranski. Andina is a sister restaurant to Ceviche, one of the first Peruvian restaurants that opened in London, in Soho, and I actually prefer Andina much more as I think the menu is broader, better executed and just more interesting.

My boyfriend and I travelled across Peru and ate different food which is where we fell in love with the cuisine and now we have been to every Peruvian restaurant in London. I came to Andina for dinner on a Friday evening but you can come to Andina from 8am to 11pm on weekdays, it is open the whole day. During early morning (and thorough-out the day) you can taste their own-blend fair-trade coffee which is a majority mix of Peruvian Arabica beans from Cecovasa on the eastern slopes of the Andes. I tried to book Andina a few days before our Friday dinner for me and my 3 friends but could not as it was fully booked but they told me they do keep some seats for walk ins and we can just come, have a drink and wait for a table. I arrived at 7.20 and in around 10 minutes managed to get a seat for all of us at the bar. The cocktail list was very cool with different pisco sours and also different interesting nonalcoholic cocktails. The juices and smoothies feature Peruvian superfood ingredients alongside seasonal fruits, roots and vegetables.

I very much liked their catch phrase “Aqui se cocina con carino” which means they cook food there with affection. I was sitting by the bar and could actually watch the chefs cook different delicious ingredients, which was a lot of fun. The menu features some smaller snacks, different ceviches, salads, skewers of meat and more substantial main courses. We ordered a mix of dishes and first “concha” the crunchy Peruvian corn arrived, one of my favourite snacks. After this the 2 ceviches I had ordered arrived – “tiger’s milk trio” which had Amarillo chilli with seabass, Nikkei with prawn, rocato pepper with avocado and scallops with concha and it came in a glass and had a bright purple colour. I liked it but was not crazy about it. Flavor wise I actually preferred the vegetarian ceviche I had ordered, “ setos” with thinly sliced wild mushrooms in Amarillo chilli tigers milk, sweet potato and orange honey dressing. But Andina had a large selection of ceviches – 6 different ones – with different ingredients (and they cost £8 on average). You can also see two different starters we had below in the pictures, one with cassava chips with sauce which I thought maybe was a bit bland, and the other one of pork in a delicious Peruvian sauce, which I did enjoy.

The main course that I knew we had to have was “Aji de Gallina” or traditional casserole of chicken, Amarillo chilli, pecan nuts, rice, crispy quinoa and coated chicken. My boyfriend and I had this dish many times when we were in Peru and loved it and had not found a place in London yet that does this dish well. It was delicious at Andina, and our friends Jimmy and Polly also said it was excellent when they tasted it. The chicken was served in this delicious, bright, full of flavor yellow sauce and topped with pretty purple potatoes. We also ordered grilled trout skewer served with samphire, quinoa salad, two more meat skewers and a seabass dish. The quinoa salad was very pretty, but taste wise I loved how they had flavoured and cooked the meat skewers, they were delicious.

Polly saw the table next to us order this amazing dessert and she also wanted us to have it to share, called “Picarones”, pumpkin doughnuts with vanilla ice cream, purple corn syrup and chocolate fudge. We also ordered a pinapple dessert that was served with a bit of chilli and had a fresh, sweet and spicy flavor, delicious combo served with a sorbet. The doughnuts were also very good, very indulging.

If you like Peruvian food, you must go to Andina. Also what I like is that around the restaurant you can see works by some of Peru’s best artists including Mari Cruz Arribas and Nella Nitram. But at the end of the day you come here for the food which really showcases how wide and delicious Peruvian cuisine is, and for delicious and creative pisco sours.

Date: 14/ 03/ 14
Location: Shoreditch
Price for 4 people with alcohol and service charge: I cant remember but was around £200 I think …

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