Apr 24 2015

Andrew Edmunds

Andrew Edmunds is such a wonderful restaurant I am really surprised that in my 11 years in London I have not visited it before. I was alerted to it by one of my food critic friends, as I asked him about the restaurants with the best wine lists in London. He said Andrew Edmunds had a good and reasonably priced wine list. I had very close friends visiting me from Latvia – Guna and Arturs – and Arturs is a huge wine fan and he was especially trying to visit restaurants that offered a wide range of wines and had an impressive wine list, hence our choice of Andrew Edmunds.

Andrew Edmunds is a restaurant in Soho and it first opened in 1986 and some people (and the restaurant itself) say that it is “one of the last bastions of 'old Soho'”. The restaurant is located in an 18thc. town house and looks very cute and inviting from the outside. It is also known as one of the most romantic restaurants in London as when you go there for dinner, it is dark with candle light, the tables are close together and it feels very cosy and intimate. It is also one of those restaurants you can’t book online, you have to call them and also you can only book a table a week in advance. We wanted a table for Friday dinner and we did not have any problems getting a table calling them the week before.

The menu is cute and handwritten and changes daily to accommodate for seasonal ingredients. The choice is not too big and there are on average 9 starters and 5 main courses with a few sides. The portions are big, and the prices are very reasonable (starters at around £7 and main courses at £16), so this is also a great value for money restaurant. Before our meal we were brought some cut up baguette bread and butter, average sort of bread in the scale of breads.

I loved the selection of starters, there were many things I wanted to eat and in the end I settled for cuttlefish risotto. There was a lot of cuttlefish in it, which was cut up in small pieces and was perfect to eat with the black rice and it was topped with a aioli type of sauce, which was very delicious. Overall I really liked it, it was one of the better cuttlefish risotto dishes and Arturs who tasted it also thought it was good. Arturs himself had a pigeon which was served with green beans. I tried a bit of the pigeon and loved it, it did not have a very strong taste, it was a soft sort of pidgeon taste, which means the meat is fresh and it was cooked pink. Arturs also liked it and gave it 4.5Ms. Guna and my fiancé chose a very interesting meat dish called cecina, which is meat that has been salted and dried by means of air, sun or smoke and was topped with almond sauce. It was delicious, the cecina on its own and with the sauce. Guna also very much liked it.

For my main course three of us ordered roast veal with potatoes and green salsa, served with rocket salad (although my fiancé was very keen to order steak for 2 people but could not find anyone to share it with). I love veal and thought the dish was very home-ly but very well executed, veal was cooked well, the potatoes were excellent and the salsa/ sauce was absolutely delicious, Guna also very much liked it when she tried our dish. Arturs however did not like that the veal had a bit of fat on it, which I personally don’t mind. Guna ordered a lovely grilled sea bass with a wonderful fresh salad to accompany it made out of fennel, black olives and grapefruit and she really liked it and thought it went very well with the fish. This salad was very good. We also ordered a side of buttered greens, a very simple but good with the rest of the dishes, side.

Andrew Edmunds is a very good restaurant. I really enjoyed it, I liked the romantic atmosphere, the candlelight, the hand written menu, the delicious-large-portion-reasonably-priced food and the wine list (Arturs enjoyed it more though…). I do recommend this place.

Date: 24/ 04/ 15
Location: Soho
Price for 4 people with alcohol: I did not see the bill

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Andrew Edmunds
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