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Armenia restaurant as the name suggests serves Armenian food and the place is located in the centre of Riga and quite close to my dad’s apartment, so it was convenient for my dad, my brother and myself to go there for a quick meal before my flight back to London. Armenia is very similar to another restaurant located in Riga called “Uzbekistana” as both places serve Central Asian food, and the difference is that “Uzbekistana” is around 20% cheaper even though the quality of the food is the same (also despite this 20% premium Armenia would not be expensive by any standards), so people always prefer to go to “Uzbekistana” (it is very busy and you have to book) and there are less people in Armenia. If you don’t mind paying 20% more, do go to Armenia, as the food is similar in terms of quality. The ambience also a bit better in “Uzbekistana” and it feels more traditional as the waiters are wearing traditional outfits and the décor is more authentic. In Armenia the waiters are dressed in normal clothes and there is nothing inside the restaurant that would imply this place has a connection with Armenia. 

At first we ordered some pickles, and they brought us pickled cucumbers, pickled cabbage, pickled garlic, pickled peppers and pickled garlic shoots, and all of this was vert nice and standard to a Central Asian restaurants. The pickled things were a slightly different mix to what some other restaurants would serve, but nevertheless equally good. Next we ordered some “hacapuri” bread, which is a type of bread filled with egg and cheese and is typical in Armenia, and it has a sort of croissant texture to it, very nice. My dad ordered a “harco” soup, which had a rich flavour and had beef and peppers and onions stewed together and had a slight spicy hint to it. I ordered plov, the traditional Central Asian dish that has meet, rice and carrots all stewed together and it was delicious, although my dad remarked that it should have had a bit more carrots. My brother ordered a chicken shaslik (grilled chicken) with rice and some vegetables, quite standard, and was looking quite European and my dad ordered halibut steamed with prawns in a cream sauce, which he did like. I do like this place and think it serves good Central Asian food which is one of my favourite types of food and if I have a craving for this type of food and for some reason can’t make it to  “Uzbekistana” this would be my second choice. 

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