Sep 1 2012

Arts Club restaurant

Arts Club is a private members club in mayfair (dover street), and Gwyneth Paltrov has decorated it (and can often be seen there having breakfast there, or sometimes in the evenings - I have never seen here there, but some of my friends have on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, so probably those are good days to go there and spot her), and Mark Ronson is the music producer. Very beautiful place, with a restaurant on the ground floor, club in the basement (where Prince Harry sometimes goes) and a bar on the 1st floor. I would really recommend you find a member to this place and get them to invite you to go there, even for a drink. The food in the restaurant is superb, and I very rarely say that about european food. Very similar to "le petite maison", so all dishes are small and supposed to be shared, but they are delicios. I think by now I have had almost all the dishes on the menu, as I go there from time to time, and the food never lets you down. Some of my favourite dishes that you can also see in the pictures are the burrata, the padron peppers, red prawn ceviche. The lamb chops are some of the best I have had and their baby chicken is amazing as well, this place just does these dishes so well, and has set a standard for me, so that I don't really like eating lamb chops anywhere else these days. Anything you order and have will be great.

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Arts Club
40 Dover Street W1S 4NP
United Kingdom
Arts Club restaurant Reviewed by Hungry Bee Maija on . Rating: 4.5