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Atmosphere seems to be a lot better at this place than the food. Aubaine serves French food and calls itself a “sophisticated yet relaxed restaurant” and has 6 branches scattered around London, and I went to the one in Mayfair on the very trendy Dover Street. The décor in Aubaine is beautiful, there is a flower pot on every table and flowers all over the place and the décor is in soft pastel colours almost like a place that would serve colourful macaroons, and you can definitely see why they say they are “sophisticated yet relaxed”. The staff were extremely helpful and when 2 of my friends needed to charge a blackberry they provided a charger (they only had 1 charger though). I met 3 of my university friends in Aubaine for a catch up dinner, and my friend OG that had chosen this place did so as her office was located nearby. I was not feeling very hungry so I decided to just eat a starter and I chose the “Salmon Tartare, Avocado” which according to the menu had “salmon, gherkins, capers”, but despite the nice description I did think this dish was extremely dull, probably one of the worst salmon tartars I have had. The salmon lacked any flavour and I could not really feel any capers or gherkins, so it almost felt like eating just plain salmon and the avocado pure on top of my salmon was unnecessary, it did not add anything exciting, it actually made the dish worse as it was not tasty. So after eating this I was left hungry, as this was very small for the price I was paying, and disappointed. My friend OG had the “Salad of Roquefort” which consisted of Roquefort cheese, dandelion, figs, pear and walnut and even though it did cost the same amount as my salmon tartar it did seem to provide more things on the plate. OG ate all of it. My friend Simbah went for the Chicken Supreme, which was “Corn fed chicken, celery and mushrooms” but once again despite the eloquent and long description of the dish, it provided extremely little garnish (little trace of mushrooms, almost no trace of celery and a lot of carrots which were not on the menu). And for £17 just to put a chicken on your plate I thought was a bit too much, and if I have £17 pounds to spare I would rather go to Koya or Taqueria and have a full meal or go to Nandos and have the same chicken but probably tastier and for 1/3 of the price. And my friend Dami went for a pork dish that I don’t really remember what it was called but you can see it in the picture. I must say all the dishes were nicely decorated though. The ambience is probably the nicest thing about Aubaine, but I won’t be going back just for that.

Date: 29/08/12
Price for 4 (1 dish each), including service charge, no alcohol: £83.76
Location: Mayfair

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31 Dover Street
United Kingdom
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