Nov 13 2012


Aurelia is located in Mayfair, on a nice quiet street (Cork Street) filled with art galleries. The restaurant is named after Via Aurelia, an old Roman road that used to link Rome with Ansedonia on the Mediterranean coast and the road afterwards expanded and continued and went through France and then ended up in Spain, in Santiago de Compostela, and Aurelia serves food that is eaten in all the countries that the road went through, so Mediterranean food. As this is a restaurant owned by the same people as Le Petite Maison, Zuma, etc… it embraces the sharing culture and all the dishes are brought to the table and meant to be shared. For me this restaurant stands somewhere in between Le Petite Maison (which I love) and Banca (which is not great at all for the prices it charges), and some of the dishes are great, and some are not good. It was two of us going for lunch and as a starter we shared the “zucchine fritte”, deep fried courgettes, which were delicious, I really liked these and they were as good as you get in other top restaurants (I have had almost exactly the same thing in the Arts Club restaurant). We also had the “Brandarde de muroe”, which was Salted cod and olive oil pure with crostini, which I also did like but I did think it was an interesting taste and I did not expect to get this type of puree with this taste just reading from the menu. We also had the “Sobrasada de Majorca” and they gave us two quite small pieces of warm spicy Majorcan sausage with honey for £6.5, so each of these small pieces cost £3. And also I did think the spicy sauce that went with the sausages was quite overpowering and the funny thing was that the main course I ordered, “lamb cutlets with peppers and aubergine” was covered in the same sauce, which I don’t think is top form. Although these lamb cutlets were visually similar to the ones in Le Petite Maison and Arts Club, they were not as nice, the quality of the meat, the tenderness and also the sauce just were not as good, but having said that I am just being picky as you pay so much for this food and as I have these other restaurants to compare the food to, and on a standalone bases the lamb cutlets were ok. My lunch buddy Francois had another lamb dish, lamb thinly sliced and served with garlic and a green herb sauce and that was not a great main course. The quality of the lamb I thought was quite poor, as it was really hard to eat, really chewy, hard to bite, and it did not have the best taste to it. This meant that in the end I only had 1 lamb chop and a tiny bit of this lamb dish. To go with these main courses we had some mixed salad, which was ok, but the best part of the main course was the mash potatoes that we also ordered, and that was perfectly seasoned and delicious. As you can tell I love Le Petite Maison, so whenever the same group that owns it opens a new restaurant, I am the first to go there to see if it is just as good but all these new places unfortunately are never as good. Even though the dishes on the menu when you first look at it, look interesting and intriguing, the execution always somehow lets it down. I did think the quality of food at Aurelia was better than in Banca which I rated MMm, and I also liked the menu more as it offers you more creative dishes, so I will give Aurelia MMMm, but considering you will pay the same amount as in Le Petite Maison (which is ranked MMMMM), there is no reason really to go to Aurelia, unless you are bored of the menu in Le Petite Maison and just want to have something different.

Price for 2, including service charge: £98.44
Location: Mayfair
Date: 13/11/12

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13-14 Cork Street W1S 3NS
United Kingdom
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