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Automat calls itself an "American Brassiere" and it is located in Mayfair. It is a very posh brassiere where the Mayfair's working crowd like to go for breakfast (my bfriend has very unhealthy waffles there quite frequently for breakfast), lunch, dinner before clubbing and also brunch on weekends. You can go to Automat for many occasions and various meals during the day, which is actually quite interesting as not many restaurants can be so versatile. The menu is very varied and different for lunch, breakfast, dinner and brunch (I guess the reason why people love it for so many different occasions) and for breakfast you can get the standard eggs benedict, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, omelettes and bagels as well as pancakes, waffles and muffins (so very American), for lunch and dinner soups, salads, steaks and just food with an American twist. I have been to Automat for dinner and for brunch and this time my friend Katrina had booked a table for brunch on a Sunday at 2pm (I know, very funny to have brunch later than lunch).

When we arrived the place was very busy and we had to wait around 5 minutes to get a table. When we were seated we ordered a lot of cocktails, I ordered a Virgin Mary, my friends ordered Bloody Mary's as well as different flavour milkshakes. The cocktails were great but the waiters got our orders completely wrong and in the end I got a Bloody Mary and some other people also got the wrong drink. The brunch menu is great and there is something for everyone. I ordered a French onion soup and an iceberg wedge with bacon, egg and blue cheese dressing. The food was tasty and filling, despite being a soup and a salad, but the blue cheese dressing was very overpowering, and it depends on the taste if you like something so strong, but it was very nice. My friends had the "scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toasted brown bread", "buttermilk pancakes with blueberries and pure maple syrup", "Automat USDA prime burger with fries", "poached eggs with ham and potatoes," "omelette with mushroom, cheese, spinach and sausage", "Automat USDA prime brunch burger with bacon, eggs, sausage and cheese", "tomato soup" and "tomato, goats cheese and beetroot salad" and you can see all these things in the pictures. Everyone was very happy with the food and as I said the variety of things you can get here for brunch is great, everyone will be able to find something they like.

Automat is a safe but good choice for breakfast, lunch and brunch (think it is better going there for these meals than dinner), and it will always be buzzing, full, have a great atmosphere and give you a wide choice of things to have on their menu, and the food is good and not pretentious.

Date: 09/12/12
Location: Mayfair

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33 Dover Street W1S 4NF
United Kingdom
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