Jul 12 2014

Ba Shan


Ba Shan is a Chinese restaurant in Soho and a sister restaurant to Bar Shu (MMMM) which is located across the street. Both restaurants serve Sichuan food which is spicy, has a lot of chillies and if you don’t like chillies, this is not a place for you. Both places Ba Shan and Bar Shu are very popular and get very busy and you are recommended to book. The thing that I liked about Ba Shan are the little posters when you enter the restaurant in the waiting area, which you can see below. The menu at Ba Shan is also slightly different to the menu in Bar Shu. Bar Shu’s signature dish is fish floating in chilli oil and you can’t get this in Ba Shan. Also it felt like Ba Shan catered more for Chinese customers as it used more “unusual” to me parts of the animal and Bar Shu has more of the fillet from chicken, beef, fish etc in their dishes. Having said this we ordered very good things at Ba Shan.

The menu is very long (just like in Bar Shu) and we ordered a chicken dish, a fish dish and a prawn dish. The menu is extensive and has pictures next to all the dishes which makes it easier for you to order. Dishes cost £10 each on average but are very big and we ordered three dishes to share and were absolutely full. The first dish we ordered was “Gong bao chicken with peanuts” which was not too spicy, had a lot of meat, very flavoursome. We also ordered “Dry wok prawns with fried chilli” which was much spicier and the flavor was great but the only thing we were not that keen on was the fact the prawns were covered in batter and then fried. I also wanted something healthy and I ordered steamed pangasius fillet in a chilli type of sauce (you could also get sea bass and pay a bit more). I always really like how Chinese prepare steamed fish and they give the fish that extra flavor which happened here. The pangasius was a great piece of fish and the dish was big, the plate they brought us covered almost the whole table.

I had a very good meal at Ba Shan and I love their spicy food. I am however a huge fan of the signature dish of Bar Shu – the fish in chilli oil – hence that restaurant gets a slightly better rating, but both are very good and If you fancy spicy Chinese food, either of them will do.

Date: 12/ 07/ 14
Price for 2 people with service charge and a bottle of beer: £60.10
Location: Soho

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Ba Shan
24 Romilly Street W1D 5AH
United Kingdom
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