Apr 21 2012



This is a new Azerbaijani restaurant on Sloane Street, and the coolest thing about this place is that when you order they give you an Ipad instead of a traditional menu, where you can see all the dishes you can chose from including their pictures, which is an amazing idea, as I felt like I ordered the best meal out of all the options (I am sure we all have felt at some point that we have ordered something in a restaurant and it turned out to be something differrent, so this visual help is great in my view). The whole place is very posh, a bit like Sketch, with huge white posh chairs, very big white room so the actual ambience reminds you very little of Azerbaijan. Food is nice, but it does lack Azerbaijani flavours in my view, and is really catered for an audience that just wants posh food in a posh environment without the true local vibe. I had a meatball soup with noodles (the meatballs were not great), and for the main course a kebab platter, which although was good, I can get the same quality for ½ the price on Edgware road. Also the waitress kept coming to our table a bit too much, and I was constantly interrupted when speaking. And my boyfriend did not like this place at all and thought it was way too expensive for what it served. 

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165 Sloane Street SW1X 9QB
United Kingdom
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