Apr 14 2012


I remember going to Baltic restaurant a few years ago thinking they were going to be serving Baltic (as in Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian) food, but the name is slightly misleading as they seem to serve mainly Polish food with a slight hint of Scandinavian food, and also some Russian dishes (the link here seems to be countries around the Baltic sea apart from the Baltic states). The best thing about this place is the amazingly huge vodka selection especially from Poland, here you can get all brands and all flavour vodkas (I had a delicious strawberry vodka shot). As for the food, it is good, but depends on the dish you have – I had borsch, which was good, pelmeni (they call them Siberian dumplings in UK) which were nice but to be fair does not really show any great culinary skill as you take them out of a packet and boil them (in Latvia such a packet costs £3 and I am always a bit annoyed how much restaurants in London charge you for them), but they were nice and reminded me of home. The best food I think here was the salmon with blinis and also salmon with potato pancakes (note the menu also featured a kebab with kind of pitta bread, not sure which Baltic country has this as a traditional dish). Overall a nice place with nice atmosphere to enjoy some food that I miss from home.

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