Mar 21 2012



I have been to Barashka twice now and I really like it. The restaurant serves Azerbaijan food and there are now 5 Barashka restaurants located in Moscow and I went to the one quite close to the red square and Barashka is one of the restaurants of the Novikov group (Mr Novikov owns many different restaurants in Moscow and as well as in London). The interior is nice, and when you enter you can either sit downstairs in the smoking area (by the entrance you can see nice sweets you can see in the picture) and on this visit I was offered a seat upstairs in the non smoking section. 


I came here for lunch (last time I came here for dinner and you can see the the pictures that start from the night in the end which show all the food that I and my dinner buddies had for dinner during the evening which I won’t describe). When we arrived at 2.45 for a late lunch 1/3 of the restaurant was full (by the time we left ½ was occupied) and as I said we were seated table upstairs. To start with we ordered some food to share, a khachapuri (traditional bread topped with egg and cheese), manti (dumplings stuffed with meat), slightly salted cucumbers and pickled tomatoes and the “Baku tomato and red onion salad”. All the food was truly delicious and I eat a lot of Central Asian food and can really say this is one of the best. I had the best Khacahpuri I have ever had in Barashka, there was a lot of cheese and egg, the tomato salad was topped with balsamico and was not complicated but delicious. The manti were also great and very tasty. 


For my main course I had a very good borsch, which had no meat but was good and traditional tasting. My dinner buddy D had a lamb soup, which had a huge leg of lamb in a broth, and he could pick out the soft meat from the leg and eat it with the broth. The presentation was impressive and the taste great. For the main course D had “Stewed lamb and vegetables served with home-made noodles” and my friend Zoli chose the cod with tomatoes. The noodle and lamb dish tasted very interesting, as it tasted like a pancake with meat just in a different format. If you are eastern European and know pancakes filled with meat you will understand what I mean when I say it tasted like this. The cod was nicely presented with the cherry tomatoes lined on top of it and Zoli seemed to enjoy it. 


For delicious Azerbaijani food in a great and relaxed atmosphere Barashka is your place and also for Russian standards it is not that expensive. All the food that I have ordered there has been top quality and delicious. 


Date: 21/03/13

Location: Moscow

Price for 3 people, no alcohol and no service charge: 3380 (around £72)

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Petrovka St, 20/1, 127051
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