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Barnyard is the new restaurant by Ollie Dabbous who is behind the now very famous and hard to get into restaurant Dabbous (MMMMM). On Saturday morning my boyfriend and I decided to have brunch/lunch outside and go somewhere new and exciting, after telling him all the options I could think of, he chose to go to Barnyard, as we had been to Dabbous two times and the prospect of  Ollie Dabbous new restaurant sounded appealing to him.

Barnyard takes no bookings and only does walk ins so we were scared it will get extremely busy and we will have to wait a long time, so we went there for 12pm when it opens on weekends. Surprisingly when we arrived, we were the first ones and when we left around 1.5h later the restaurant was only 1/3 full. Barnyard is located in Fitzrovia, on Charlotte Street, just round the corner from Dabbous. Dabbous serves upscale and intricate food but Barnyard is cheaper and serves comfort food, which is done very well.

Upon arrival the thing that really caught our attention was the popcorn milkshake with bourbon (you could have different flavour milkshakes with or without bourbon). It was delicious and did make me a tiny bit dizzy (even though we shared one). The main chef is Joseph Woodland (who was also worked at The Square and Launceston Place) and at Barnyard  he serves small plates which you are meant to share and the menu divides dishes into “chicken”, “cow”, “lamb”, “chicken”, “egg” and “vegetables and sides” so as the name Barnyard suggests the dishes are very meat (from the barn) focused. I also very much liked the décor, it had elements of a barn, and the bathroom was very trendy, like a modern interpretation of how a bathroom in a barn would be, you have to see it.

I wanted to eat so many things from the menu as everything looked amazing, but we settled for “roast suckling pig with celeriac & caraway” for £12 (from the pig section) , “barbecued grain-fed short rib , homemade dill pickle, mustard & black treacle” for £14 (from the cow section), “crispy chicken wings with smoked paprika, garlic and lemon” for £6 (from the chicken section), “broken eggs with mushrooms, garlic and parsley” for £7 (from the eggs section) and 2 dishes from the vegetables and sides section – “chicory salad with lovage, mint and lemon” and  “charred broccoli vinaigrette”. All the dishes were delicious, this is a place that does this sort of casual, cool food so well. The beef short rib was super tender with intense flavour. The suckling pig had a crispy skin and super tender meat, and was so good with the celeriac and caraway salad. I also found the broken eggs dish very interesting and very tasty. The broccoli had a very intense flavour due to them being chargrilled and due to the vinaigrette, amazing vegetable dish. The chicory and lovage salad had a slightly bitter taste, but once again very good. All the dishes at Barnyard that I tasted had a very intense and different and just amazing flavour, the chef is brilliant if he can create this sort of food.

And another pleasant surprise was when the bill arrived – this is one of those rare and pleasant places in London that does not add service charge to the bill, even though they deserve it so much more than half of the other places I visit. Unique place in London, great addition to the dining scene, you should try it.

Date: 10/ 06/ 2014
Price for 2 people with 1 alcoholic cocktail: £56.50 (and we paid a bit more than £60 as service charge was not included)
Location: Fitzrovia

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