Feb 25 2013

Beard to Tail


I had read a lot of great reviews about Beard to Tail (owned by the same people as Calloh Callay also in Shoreditch), so when my boyfriend asked where to go near Old Street to meet his friend I suggested this place. In the end I was so jealous he was going to try it first without me I gatecrashed his meeting with his friend just so that I could taste the food. Beard to Tail calls itself a “meat and whiskey” restaurant and as the name suggests uses all sorts of parts of the animal in their dishes (all their meat comes from the same farm in North Yorkshire which has been growing animals for 3 decades). There are very few non meat dishes on the menu, so a vegetarian friend is best not brought to this place.

When we arrived at Beard to Tail on Monday at 7pm it was quite empty and very few other tables were taken, but I think if you go there on a Friday or Saturday evening this place will be full. The waitress explained that this particular evening they did not have quite a few things that were on the menu, but luckily we did not actually want to order any of these, and I obviously thought that not having things on the menu was a one off, but then I read a review which highlighted the same issue, so maybe quite frequently they run out of things that are on the menu. As they call themselves a whisky restaurant they have quite a few cocktails with whisky and I ordered “Bloody Marvelous” which was a whisky version of Bloody Mary and it was served with lovely and thin pork cracklings and whisky actually worked quite well in the cocktail and it was very tasty as were the pork cracklings.

We decided to order 3 starters and 3 main courses as there were 3 of us and then share everything. As a starter we ordered the “baked bone marrow & soft herbs with flat bread”, “Beard to tail steak tartare, quail egg & toast” and “Chili & coriander shrimp cocktail”. I thought the first 2 starters were excellent I and was a bit disappointed with the shrimp cocktail. I have never really liked bone marrow but here I loved it, it was prepared so well with the soft herbs and it was so delicious. The steak tartare was also excellent and perfectly seasoned. The shrimp cocktail was just a few shrimps on top of lettuce (one of my friends saw the picture and called the prawns from this dish “Tesco prawns”) and with a nice Asian style chilli and coriander dressing on the side. It was not particularly interesting in taste or nicely presented, it was just prawns and lettuce. But all the main courses we ordered were once again totally amazing. We had the “Braised pork cheeks with ginger & dill pickle”, “Full rack bourbon BBQ ribs & grilled corn on the cob” and “Slow cooked salted beef brisket with horseradish mash”. And to go with all this we ordered the “Seasonal mixed vegetables” and “Sweet potato wedges” as sides. Pork cheeks are another thing that I would not typically order so had my boyfriend’s friend not ordered these we would not be having them, but they were absolutely amazing. They were so incredibly flavorsome and tender, I loved them. The BBQ ribs were great as well and the second best ribs I have had (the best ribs I have had have been in the Caribbean), they were tender, there was a lot of meat on them, so you did feel like you were eating meat and not just licking the bone, and the BBQ sauce was delicious. And the beef brisket was equally good, it was like Birley’s (a sandwich shop) salt beef just without any fat and much much tastier and softer. The horseradish mash had just the perfect hint of horseradish and was tasty without being overpowering. I also really liked the sweet potato wedges but thought the seasonal vegetables were a bit plain and boring.

This place somewhat reminds me of St John’s Bread and Wine as the food is very interesting and from reading the menu it seems a bit exotic and odd to me (because it has all these interesting cuts of meat that I don’t usually see on the menu and order), but when you order it and the food arrives in front of you it is delicious and well executed. And this place made me like things like bone marrow and pork cheeks which I never thought I would enjoy. If you like meat, this is definitely a place for you

Location: Old Street
Date: 25/02/13
Price for 3 people with alcohol: £134.83

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Beard to Tail
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