Aug 27 2014

Beast, The

The beast is a Norwegian red king crab and hand selected Nebraskan beef restaurant in London. It is located just north of Oxford street by Debenhams and is the new restaurant by the people behind Goodmans and Burger and Lobster. I had heard a lot about this restaurant, it has generated a lot of hype due to its unusual menu.


I came here on a Wednesday evening for dinner. When you enter the restaurant you see a big statue of a bear (assuming the beast) and you take the elevator or the stairs if you are healthy and go to the basement where the restaurant is located. On the way to the bar and to the table you can see various chunks of beef hanging (they hang their beef for 35 days and hand select it) and also live red (hey are called red but they are actually more purple/ pale pink colour)king crabs from Norway still alive, but not for long. Each king crab has a little “passport” attached to it with a barcode and you can tell where it came from, who caught it and all other crab relevant information.


The dining room is beautiful. It has long communal tables and you end up sitting next to people you don’t know and also the table is quite wide so you can have problems talking to the people across from you on the table as they are far away and with the noise it is sometimes hard to hear them. But the dining room is beautiful as I said, when you enter you have a sort of wow feeling, with candles (not real, I checked) decorating most of the ceiling. Also the cutlery and the crab bibs are interesting and made especially for the restaurant which adds a lot of charm to it.


There is no menu, you pay £75 per person and get a small starter and also the king crab, steak and sides. The starter is a huge block of parmesan cheese that they bring to you and you can pick out the cheese and eat it with their expensive balsamic vinegar. There are also some artichokes, pickled onions and olives that you can eat with the cheese. It is a very impressive thing to start the meal with. No other restaurant does it like this, it is memorable and a great conversation topic with your friends. I loved the pickled onions and the parmesan and balsamic vinegar.


The waiters ask you how you want your steak cooked and recommend it to be medium cooked as the steak has a lot of marble. Then you get a lot of steak (enough for the group of people you are) and a crab that is big enough for the group you are. I have been to the Beast twice now and on both occasions we did not finish all the crab and the steak, they give you a lot of food. the steak on both occasions was delicious. On my second visit I also got to visit the kitchen and there they explained how they cook the steak at various temperatures for 40 minutes and they have a coal fire burning so the steak has a nice charcoal flavour to it. It is very tender and up there with the best steaks in London. The crab on the other hand takes only 14min to cook (steam) and the crab was amazing. The best crab I have ever eaten. It is huge so you don’t fiddle with the crab like you do with smaller crabs, you break the leg and there are huge chunks of crab meat falling out to eat which is so so good.


With the crab and the steak you also get three different sauces, one for steak (truffle), one for crab (sweet chilli) and one for both (butter sauce). All sauces are excellent. You also get delicious sides, tomato salad, green salad, beetroot with pickled onions, steamed buttery corn and steamed buttery carrots. The tomato salad had a wonderful smoked flavour to it, it was unusual but very interesting and tasty. I also loved the beetroots. The pickled onion added that great kick to it and even the corn and carrots were just perfectly cooked and seasoned, they managed to get the maximum flavour out of these vegetables. I was very impressed not just with the steak and the crab but also with the sides, they were some of the best sides I have had in a restaurant.


If you are still hungry after this huge meal you can have a choice of three different desserts, a lemon mousse, cheesecake or some sorbet. I tasted all of the desserts which were good but almost not needed after that incredible meal.


When the bill comes you realise the place is not cheap (with wine or alcohol the bill quickly adds up and when I went here with my friends the 6 of us managed to spend around £300 in alcohol alone), but it is a memorable meal. Everything is so very tasty and delicious and I have been thinking about this meal ever since I went there. You can either fly to Norway or go to the Beast to try this wonderful crab. 


Date: 27/ 08/ 14

Price for 2 people with 2 glasses of wine: £223.88

Location: Marylebone

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Beast, The
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