Oct 8 2013


I was in Poland and wanted to go for a nice dinner. My wonderful Polish colleague Jarek suggested I go to Belvedere restaurant for dinner. At first I thought the name Belvedere was something to do with the vodka brand Belvedere, but oh no! I was so wrong! Belvedere is a presidential castle in Poland and the vodka and this restaurant (which is located next to it) are both named after it, as I was later told.

The restaurant is located in the new orangery of the Warsaw Royal Bath Gardens. It took us quite a while to get to the restaurant and our taxi driver was using these small streets and at one point I thought I was in a forest and far away from the centre and thought I was being kidnapped. But when we arrived to Belvedere, the view was beautiful. It was nighttime and the building was grand and big and looked impressive lit up. We entered and the inside was truly spectacular, there were huge plants inside the restaurant separating tables from each other and my dinner buddy Ed and I were seated on a secluded table with huge plants separating us from other dinners, so we could not see or hear anyone else. This is a very romantic place if you want a quiet dinner and not be interrupted.

The main chef at Belvedere is Adam Komar, who serves Polish and international food. Ed and I very much liked the menu and knew what we wanted to have. As his starter Ed ordered pierogi, traditional Polish dumplings, and you could have a choice of either veal or spinach with Oscypek cheese or with chanterelles, and Ed said he wanted to have a variety of them, and he was brought 3 different pierogi nicely separated on the plate. We had had pierogi yesterday as well in another Polish restaurant, and Ed enjoyed this dish much more. I had this pierogi as my main course, but I only wanted the veal ones. I very much enjoyed the pierogi, they were delicious.

For my starter I had “beef loin carpaccio with white truffle cream and rocket salad”. It was an ok beef carpaccio, it was not my favourite version of this dish, I was eating it and thinking something was not quite right, but nevertheless it was good. Ed ordered a “pork tenderloin with baked boletus, herbal and buckwheat terrine and blackberry sauce” as his main course and very much enjoyed it.

Our dinner in theory was good, beautiful ambience and décor around us, good food (not amazing), but the thing that really spoilt it was the slow service. It took the waiters around 40 minutes to bring us each course, so long we did not even want to order a desert as that would mean another hour at this restaurant. There was a CEO summit at the Belvedere restaurant with many high ranking people having dinner in the neighboring room, which could have affected it, but still, it was unacceptable how long we had to wait. That said this is an extremely romantic restaurant where you can take someone you really want to impress, and you pay a very good price for the meal.

Date: 08/ 10/ 13
Location: Warsaw
Price for 2 people with alcohol, no service charge (I did not leave any for the super slow service): 270 PLN (£55)

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