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Berners Tavern

Berners Tavern is the new trendy restaurant in the new Edition Hotel just off Tottenham Court Road. Edition Hotel is a new and modern hotel, which looked very nice when I walked through it. Berners Tavern is the main restaurant there owned by Jason Atherton, who is expanding his restaurant empire in London (and in Asia) and also owns Pollen Street Social (MMMM and it has 1 Michelin star), Little Social (MMMMm) and Social Eating House (not rated by me but has 1 Michelin star) in London.

The room at Berners Tavern is stunning. Apparently this property used to be someone’s house and the dining room where Berners Tavern is located used to be the ballroom. It has super high ceilings which creates a feeling of grandeur and glamour and all the walls are covered with paintings with big golden frames. The waitress told us the exact number of paintings they have in the room, which I think was 144 but I am not sure. This place attracts celebrities and I have heard of many coming here and I actually saw the main singer from Simply Red here myself.

At Berners Tavern you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea and late supper and Berners Tavern serves contemporary British food with produce from the British Isles. Considering how amazing the room is the prices are reasonable, with starters at £9 on average and main courses at £22. I have actually now been to Berners Tavern twice and you can see the food in the pictures from both of my visits. Both times I also ordered a Virgin Mary and both times it was super bland and not spicy at all, so I think this is how they make it, not delicious at all. The 2nd time I actually send it back to make it spicier.

During the first visit I had a salad of “chargrilled chicken paillard, tomato, red onion and rocket” and as it was a salad and sort of by the starter section I expected it to be smallish and instead they brought me this huge dish of chicken covered with rocker and tomato. If I had finished this whole thing I would have been too full and not had space for a main course. It also was reasonably priced for a huge portion at £14.50. I quite enjoyed it, as I do like meat/fish served with just salad. My friend Ed chose “Egg, Ham and Peas” with deep fried Clarence Court Duck Egg, mushy peas and crispy Cumbrian ham, which was a beautiful starter and Ed really enjoyed it and he said it was excellent. Michael ordered “native lobster and prawn cocktail with avocado, crispy shallot” and it looked so good I had such food envy I ordered it during my 2nd visit here. It was good but I think Hawksmoore does an amazing prawn and lobster cocktail and this was not as good, but still delicious. Simon went for another salad which this time was a salad portion, “grilled cos lettuce Caesar salad with bacon and anchovies” and he had it without chicken (you can have it also with grilled chicken). He seemed to think it was ok.

During my 2nd visit I also managed to see starters “jersey Royal potato and wild garlic soup” served with ”Dorset snails, fois gras and morel Breville toastie” and I did not taste the soup (which was bright green) but had some of the toastie which was quite nice but Russell (who’s starter it was) did not really want to eat it due to the snails. Jo ordered “Beetroot cured Loch Duart salmon with beetroot, horseradish and watercress” which she really liked.

First time I came here I ordered a main course of “pappardelle with Scottish Game ragout, pecorino and crispy capers” and whilst I thought it was good it slightly lacked flavour and seasoning and was a good not great pasta. The 2nd time I came here I had the huge chicken salad that I had had the previous time as a starter, and as a main course it worked much better. My friend Ed ordered “South Coast Cod, braised puy lentil, smoked bacon, charred Calcots onions” and he liked it less than his starter but thought it was ok. Michael ordered a steak and Berners Tavern serves Grass Fed British Steaks. He did not think as a steak it was so tasty and a waiter overheard him say that and during the meal the manager came over and spoke to him and asked about the steak and Michal just said he prefers US beef and does not think British beef is as tasty. Simon ordered a whole dover sole with Jersey Royal roast potatoes which was part of the fish Friday lunch menu, and the waiters did a bad job of removing the dover sole from the bone and it did not look that nice on the plate although was tasty. 

The 2nd time I came here the waiters actually forgot to serve us our main courses. We ended up waiting for around an hour to have them, they had clearly forgotten us, not that we minded, as that meant they let us stay longer than the 2h limit and we stayed there for 3h and they also gave us some free champagne. New dishes that I have not yet described and that we ordered were “roasted Cornish sea bass, brown shrimp, samphire and kale, wholegrain mustard” and also “roast highland venison, pickled redcabbage, carrots and fondant potatoes”. Both dishes went down very well with their respective eaters.

Sides we ordered on the two visits included green salad, which for  £4.50 was not very impressive, triple cooked chips which were delicious and on both times were finished, smashed swede and ginger and roasted Kent carrots and garlic. I also tasted some desserts after our meal. The waiter recommended us to get ““Rhubarb and Custard”
Warm vanilla brioche, Yorkshire rhubarb, almond crumble, custard” and this was excellent. I have also read in a few reviews that their donut is very good, so I ordered “Warm cinnamon donut, 70% chocolate ganache, almond sorbet”, which I thought was good but as the expectations were set quite high slightly let me down, and Jo ordered “Caramel apple and Calvados éclair, Devon cream, salted caramel ice cream”.

I think the food can be a bit better at Berners Tavern, with some dishes being good and some better, but I do think people should come here at least once for the stunning room, décor and atmosphere.

Date: 22/03/ 14 and 28/ 03/ 14
Price 1st time for 4 people with alcohol and service charge: £258.19, and price 2nd time also for 4 people with alcohol and service charge: very similar, something around £220
Location: Tottenham Court Road

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Berners Tavern
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