Jul 12 2012


 Biscuit is an Italian restaurant in Riga, run by chef Mikhail Markin who apparently was especially invited from Moscow torun this restaurant, and my friend Dacite suggested to go there for dinner, so a big group of us went there. Note even though I say this is an Italian restaurant, on their website they say their food is predominantly Italian with influences from around the world, which I do find quite amusing as in eastern Europe I have found that people think it is totally acceptable to serve different types of food in the same restaurant and the emphasis is not on the type of cuisine but rather that the dishes are popular and well executed (so a popular Italian and a popular Asian dish in the same restaurant is totally normal). Biscuit is located on a quiet street on the boarder of “quiet centre” area in Riga. The interior is very nice done by a Russian Maria Birjukova and apparently she imported quite a few things from France and Italy and there are several rooms so you can be quite separate from other diners (there is one room called "lady's room" there).

I loved the bread they brought us before we had ordered our food, which was very thin and had some herbs on it, and it was much nicer than breads you usually get in Latvian restaurants. I had a carpaccio as my starter, which I really liked how it was presented, as usually the meat covers the whole plate and here it was laid out in a line, which added an interesting thing to a great classic. But the standout starter was something my friend Petersons had, which was tuna with mangos on top and in a sesame oil type of sauce with sesame seeds at the bottom. Ever since I have had this combination of tuna with sesame seeds in other restaurants in London, but at that time I had never seen anything like this, and I thought it was a great and delicious combination. I did not really like the mangos with the tuna, but the sesame seeds went super well with the tuna. You can also see in the pictures some other starters that my friends had, which includes two types of salad as well as a cheese type of salad and a salmon starter. For my main course the waitress recommended to have black cod as that was their special on the menu and she said it was delicious. In hindsight I should not have ordered it, as I am used to black cod in Japanese restaurants in London which is made in a special way and also is always fresh, and here I guess it was frozen and the taste of it was not as amazing, even though it is still a a great fish. But yes if you are in Latvia don’t order things that are frozen (and many imported types of fish and meat will be), as the freshest ingredients are the best. But note when I was writing this review I read a bit about this restaurant and it turns out they are very proud of the fact they source their ingredients from all over the world and their beef comes from Argentina, their Ribeye steak from the US and they use a lot of fish from the Mediterranean Sea. Black cod was served with some rice and vegetables added to it and presented nicely in a little round cake like form. My friend Baiba had scallops with white asparagus and she said it was amazing.  I thought it was interesting how this dish (and also the tuna starter) were decorated with salmon roe, which was really unnecessary in my view. But the dish once again was very nicely decorated, simple yet good. My other friends had seafood pasta, a risotto and a beef stroganoff that was served with some pickles and everyone seemed to really enjoy the food. We also had a desert to share among ourselves, a Latvian traditional cake that was filled with creme. I thought a lot of the dishes were very good at Biscuit and also this restaurant was the first one where I have seen black cod on the menu, so they do try to be top place to go to. Having said that it is not my favourite restaurant in Latvia but you will have a good meal if you go there.

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