Dec 5 2012

Bitter End Yacht Club Grill


When we arrived to the Bitter End bay on Virgin Gorda Island, a gentlemen came in a boat to collect our overnight mooring fee, and with him he also brought a sheet of paper saying that the Bitter End Yacht Club Clubhouse Grill has fresh Anegada lobster. Anegada is an Island in the BVI, the furthest away from the rest of the islands and I had read in many places and heard a lot that there is amazing lobster served in Anegada and I was very sad we were missing out on it, as we were not going to Anegada island, so to see that I could have Anegada lobster in another place got me very excited, and so I was set to go there for dinner. 


The Bitter End Yacht Club Clubhouse Grill is located on one side of the Bitter End on the Virgin Gorda island and the place is very pleasant and we were sitting on chairs located outside and overlooking the sea. When we got there a waitress (that did not seem extremely experienced) asked us if we wanted white or wholemeal bread, and when we chose wholemeal she told us they did not have any wholemeal so we were stuck with white bread. Also at that time I found it very funny how she brought the bread with butter in the small packs that you buy in a supermarket, they had not bothered presenting the butter in a nice way, but I later found out all good restaurants serve butter in this way which you would not even find in an average restaurant in London. The bread was ok, I loved how you could cut it with your own knife but it did feel a bit stale. 


At the Clubhouse Grill for $26 you can have as much salad from the buffet and as much soup as you want as your starter, but we decided to skip it, although the selection looked good, and we just ordered a fresh Anegada lobster and also a grilled mahi mahi (the local fish). The Anegada lobster was absolutely amazing, it seemed super fresh, was super meaty and this is not like a lobster you get in Europe, there is so much more to eat and it is very easy to get the lobster out as all the edible flesh is just in the body, so a nice, not messy way how to eat the most incredible lobster ever. The lobster was served with melted butter, some broccoli and also very delicious vegetable rice. The only thing was that half a lobster cost $45 which was not great value for money as I later found out. The mahi mahi was also nice, I like this meaty fish, although I thought it was a bit too overcooked and it was a bit dry. The salsa and rice that went with it were great. 


For a nice sophisticated meal do go to the Bitter End Yacht Club Clubhouse Grill. 


Date: 05/12/12

Location: Bitter End, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Price for 2 with 2 glasses of wine and 10% service charge: $115

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Bitter End Yacht Club Grill
Bitter End
Virgin Gorda
British Virgin Islands
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