Nov 27 2012

Black Pig and White Pearls


I really liked this Spanish tapas place in Dalston when I went there. I wanted to catch up with my friend Harry, and he lives north of Dalston, so he suggested we go to “Black pig and white pearls” as he had walked past this place and he thought it looked interesting. As I am always keen to try out new places, even in remote parts of London, like Dalston, I was very keen to go there. Dalston is super trendy and edgy (if you don’t know where it is, and as this is a fairly new place a lot of people don’t, it is north of Shoreditch) and “Black pig and white pearls” fits right in, as from the outside the building is black and there is no sign on the house, and the only thing that lets you know you have come to the right place is a blackboard located on the street with the name of the place. I went inside and I instantly liked the atmosphere and the decor. There are wooden cow heads attached to the walls with white pearls around their necks as well as candles on the table decorated with white pearls, and little plant plots on every table, and I think it is a very nice and romantic place. There are not so many tables inside, maybe 10, and on one side of the room is a bar with a large blackboard where you can read about the specials and with huge Jamon legs hanging from the ceiling. I was very impressed with the food when it came, and I thought it was great restaurant quality food and you could taste a bit of home cooking there as well, and for some reason a lot of the mainstream tapas dishes felt just better executed there and with “a feeling of love and home” added to it, as silly as it may sound. Harry and I ordered these cheese and walnut fried balls to share, bread rubbed with tomatoes and olive oil, “Pulpo a la gallega, Galician style octopus with paprika, sea salt and olive oil”, Croquetas de jamon, Pardon peppers with sea salt and amazing cooked lamb served on a bread with some balsamic vinegar. The fried cheese and walnut balls were delicious, they had the perfect balance of flavors, the bread with tomatoes was delicious and I liked how they had used sourdough bread, which usually Spanish tapas places don’t do and opt for white bread. The pardon peppers were delicious, and good balance of salt, and the croquetas were nicer I thought than I had had recently in other good Spanish tapas restaurants. But the best dishes were the octopus and lamb. The octopus seemed so fresh and they gave you a lot of it and huge chunks (I felt like I was getting great value for money), and the paprika went very well with the octopus. The lamb was also incredibly delicious, tasty and I did like how it was served with the sourdough bread, although I would not have thought about this combination myself. For desert we shared some cheese selection (they brought us 3 different types of cheese, all very strong flavored ones), and a flan soft type of cake, I was not the biggest fan of it, but it is only because I don’t really like these kind of soft cakes. The only thing that slightly upsets me about the place is prices. The prices are central London normal prices, and something you will pay in any other Spanish tapas restaurant, but I always think it is nice for places that don’t have to pay much for rent, as they are located outside of the prime area, to actually pass this lower rent on to the customers as opposed to profiting from it. I am sure rent is not the biggest part of their costs, and as I said the food I did think was excellent, as was the atmosphere, and we did not pay that much, but still could have been a tiny bit less. 

Date: 27/11/12
Location: Dalston
Price for 2 people including a bottle of wine: £71 (we left service charge so paid £80 total)

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Black Pig and White Pearls
61 Stoke Newington High Street N16 8EL
United Kingdom
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