Mar 27 2012



Blooker is a lunch/ breakfast restaurant in Amsterdam. I had 2 prawn croquetes with bread, which I thought were nice, but very little food (and I was starving afterwards as this was my lunch) for EUR12. Other people thought seemed to get more food for their money, so I think my dish was just mispriced and missized. Overall nice casual place to stop by for food if you are in this area 



My second time in this place and I maintain the same rating and same view and even managed to do the same thing as last time – order food which left me starving and wishing I would have chosen the food my colleagues had, so this is such a hit and miss place (and I always seem to miss!!). I ordered the Mediterranean char grilled vegetable salad and it was absolutely tasteless. Nice big char grilled vegetables, but so hard to eat them, as there was so little dressing and to make them taste like something edible, I had to add so much salt and pepper my parents would have fallen off a chair and told me off big time, as they are super health conscious and against salt. My friends (both) had the cheese sandwich and it had loads of nice cheese, pickles, mustard, really lovely take on the cheese sandwich, nicely executed. I was also looking around and saw other people having nicer salad (the beef salad looked amazing), as well as noodle dishes and pasta. I am extremely determined to order food I actually like next time I go there.


Price for 3, no alcohol, no service charge: EUR 43.80

Date: 09/ 11/ 12

Location: Amsterdam


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Amstelplein 4 1096 BC
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