Apr 17 2015

Blue Cabana

Blue Cabana is an outdoor and indoor restaurant in Abuja that besides a restaurant has a gym and a beautiful outside pool where you can swim and relax. It is one of the nice upscale places in Abuja and when you go indoors you feel like you could be in any other city, it feels western and modern. It was a very hot day (above 30 degrees) and we decided to sit indoors with AC, although in the evening it is cool enough to sit outdoors by the pool and smoke shisha if you wish to.

There are 2 dining areas, and the one we sat at was larger with quite standard chairs and tables and there were other people enjoying lunch besides ourselves. The menu is a mix of Western dishes, Mediterranean dishes (mainly Lebanese) as well as other dishes from around the world and some African dishes. Dishes costs on average 3000-5000 Nigerian naira (£10 – 16). The menu features soups, salads, appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, pizza, dishes from the barbecue and main courses. My friends that had been here before said the pasta dish they ordered last time (Fettuccini Alfredo or Tagliatelle served in a rich, creamy Alfredo sauce to topped with chicken, mushroom and grated parmesan cheese) was nice but the pizza was not great. This time my friend Lubna ordered a dish called “Kashmiri Kafta” or kafta meatballs served with rice and masala sauce from the main course section, and I ordered the beef stew in tomato sauce with Jollof rice, also from the main course section.

I chose the beef stew as it was one of the very few typical West African dishes I saw on the menu and I absolutely love Jollof rice ever since boarding school, when some of my friends would cook it. Jollof rice is a dish made out of rice, tomatoes and tomato paste, onions, salt, and hot red pepper, and it is like a delicious slightly spicy rice dish usually served with some sort of stew. I liked Blue Cabana’s take on this dish, I thought it was flavorsome, the meat was nice, only slightly fatty and in a European way with not too many bones (typical Nigerian stews would have more bones with the meat). Lubna also liked her Kashmiri Kafta dish, although she said that in Pakistan where this dish originates the meat has more flavour, although it was chopped in a very traditional way and the sauce was very flavoursome.

I think Blue Cabana is a very pleasant and relaxing place where to escape the busy city that Abuja is. I think the restaurant is beautiful, and it is a good way for foreigners to try African food in a pleasant environment, I just wish they had more African dishes on the menu.

Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Price for 2 people, no alcohol: around 12,000 Naira (around £40)
Date: 17/ 04/ 15

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Blue Cabana
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