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Bo Lang


Bo Lang is a very stylish, modern Chinese dim sum restaurant and teahouse in South Kensington. They do traditional dim sum but the focus of the menu is on avant garde, unusual dim sum that most of the time is delicious and works very well. It is so interesting to see the dim sum you know modernized in Bo Lang. The dim sum is not cheap and an average plate for 4 pieces costs £6 (and many dim sums are more expensive) but if you want a luxurious dim sum experience, regardless of the price, this place truly delivers.
I went to Bo Lang with a group of my friends and we had lunch here on a Sunday. The interior is dark and the room has grey leather sofas and charcoal velvet chairs and it has been designed by Shaun Clarkson. The interior did sort of reminded me of interior in Hakassan (although Bo Lang is much smaller) with Chinese dividing walls separating tables from one another. The biggest table they had was for 12 people, but as there were 13 of us we had to squeeze in.
The main chef is Master Kai Wang and the menu had a lot of interesting dim sum as well as bigger (main) courses and also soups. We decided to have a selection of steamed, baked, fried dim sum and then share everything, as well as some “raw” dishes and salads. From the steamed section we ordered “Forest mushroom, water chestnut and goji berry” dim sum, “Pumpkin and mouli dumpling”, “Har gau served with blackberry reduction”, “Chicken, black truffle shui mai” as well as “Chicken bun”. As you can see from the names the dim sum had very unusual things in them, like water chestnut, mouli and pumpkin as well as a dim sum with blackberry reduction. I think all dim sum tasted delicious, the flavours were unusual, I did not think I would like the dim sum with blackberry reduction, but I did. The chicken bun also stood out as I had not seen this type of chicken bun before in Chinese restaurants and it was crunchy and the filling delicious.
From the fried and baked section we ordered six different dishes, “Prawn with mango roll” which is Bo Lang’s signature dish, as well as the dish you have to have in Chinese restaurants – “Duck spring roll in plum sauce”. The other four dishes we ordered were “Pan fried chicken dumpling”, “Fried turnip cake with XO sauce”, “Soft shell crab with chili and lime” and “Short rib puff”. The prawn and mango roll (covered in angels hair) was amazing. I was at first very skeptical about ordering this, as I never like mixing fruit (like mango) in savory dishes but I was so surprised how well it came together in this dish and it was delicious, so I can totally see why it is their signature dish. The duck spring rolls were so good, my friend Amala ordered another portion just for himself. I was also positively impressed how big the soft shell crab was that we got and the pastry of the short rib puff was so fluffy and tasty.
The two dishes from the salad section that we ordered were “Dungeoness crab salad with avocado” as well as the “Crispy duck salad”. Both were good, although very different and the duck salad more resembled a salad as the crab was just crab. I also sneaked in a “Hot and sour mushroom and chicken soup” with the rest of the dim sum that I ordered and this was a very good hot and sour soup.
We did not have it on this occasion, but apparently Bo Lang does very good afternoon teas which are served with a range of oriental flavoured macaroons. I very much enjoyed my meal at Bo Lang, because it was creative, unusual dim sum done very well. It is an interesting restaurant.
Date: 08/ 12/ 13
Location: South Kensington
Price for 13 people with some alcohol: £632.14

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Bo Lang
100 Draycott Avenue SW3 3AD
United Kingdom
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