May 24 2013

Bodo's Schloss

Bodo's Schloss is a restaurant, bar and a club on High Street Kensington right next to the Royal Garden Hotel. I first read about it a few months ago as one of the newspapers was talking about a new trend in London, where après-ski type of bars/restaurants were opening in the centre of London that belonged more in Verbier, Courchevel or another ski resort. Bodo's Schloss is this type of restaurant, the inside looks like a ski chalet, the waitresses are dressed in lederhosen, typical German/ Austrian outfit, and they serve Austrian food and just like in après-ski bars in the Alps you can drink drinks from a ski slope, a ski boot and other interesting things. I had to pick a place for dinner to go with my 3 beautiful girl friends and I thought this would be fun, especially as all my young and party loving colleagues love this place and say this is great fun.

We had booked a table for 7.00 which in hindsight was not a great idea as when we arrived it was quite empty and only by 9 when we left it started to get busy, but at that point we were given the bill and told we had to vacate the table. We did want to stay and experience the Bodo's Schloss party atmosphere, but at 9 there was nowhere where to stand or sit by the bar and the club had not yet opened, so because there was nowhere for us to stay we left at 9 and did not see the party. What’s more we never even got to the deserts and were asked to leave after the waitresses cleared our main courses. So my advice, if you go there, is make sure you book a very late table so you are not kicked out.

As I said the interior is very traditional Alpine house/ Austrian, and the tables have red checked tablecloths and everything is wooden. The menu features Austrian classics like goulash soup, sauerkraut, schnitzel and sausages, but also has things like grilled sea bream and chicken salad, I guess to satisfy those people that don’t like heavy Austrian food and are just here to drink and party. Also every Monday is a fondue night. The main chefs are Marco Reiner and Franz Schinagl who used to work at Speck Mobile.

As a starter Ulle and I ordered the “Goulash Soup with Slow Cooked Beef With caraway, paprika, tomatoes & potatoes” and it was served in a cute small red soup cup, but I was surprised how little soup there was in there. I had finished all the content in a few spoonfulls. It tasted like a rich traditional goulash soup though. Nika had the “Roast beetroot and goat's cheese salad with caramelized walnuts” and Leigh had the “Bodo's 'Kasnudeln' Austrian ravioli filled with potato and cheese grilled with butter, served with parmesan and salad”, nice decent starters. For my main course I ordered the traditional “Schloss Wiener Schnitzel” and you could choose from chicken, pork and veal schnitzel and I chose the veal one and it was served with a potato & cucumber salad. I also ordered the Schloss Sauerkraut to go with it. I have had schnitzels before in Austria and this was not as good as the ones you would get there, but I liked how they presented it in a frying pan with a lemon and it was very thin, which was good, but the taste as I said was not too exciting and not quite right. I did like the potato and cucumber salad, it was very refreshing, good combination and just nice to have with it. The sauerkraut was quite plain with nothing added to it, but I like sauerkraut, so I enjoyed it. Nika and Leigh ordered a traditional mixed sausage platter for 2 people to share that had a “selection of 5 different classic Austrian sausages served with Sauerkraut”, and all the sausages looked great and very typical. Ulle had the “Grilled sea bream with a marinated fennel salad”.

If you fancy Austrian food, crazy shots from ski slopes and partying, Bodo's Schloss is perfect, but as I said you have to come late, because coming at 7 like we did, does not work and you are left without a desert, standing and waiting around. The food is average Austrian food, their execution on average is good, but it is exactly what it says it is – just typical Austrian food and nothing more. It is quite cool to be in this ski type of environment though with waitresses dressed in the typical outfits, so that does create a nice and interesting atmosphere.

Date: 24/05/2013
Price for 4 people with alcohol: £211.60
Location: High Street Kensington

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Bodo's Schloss
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