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Boisdale restaurant has 4 branches in London and they all offer traditional Scottish food, in a quite a cool atmosphere. I have also been to the Bishopsgate branch, which is located in an alleyway and has dark red walls inside, but this time I went to the Canary Wharf branch, located on Cabot Square, very close to my work. Boisdale in Canary Wharf has 2 floors, and they call themselves a “lively restaurant” and also have live music, whisky bar, cigar terrace, caviar and oyster bar and cigar library, and according to their website they “overlook the Thames and city skyline” which is an exaggeration considering this place is located on the 2nd floor. Although all these rooms, like the whiskey bar and cigar terrace, sound quite exciting, note I personally have not experienced any of these, as I went there for lunch in the lounge (not the official restaurant which is one floor higher and more of a white table cloth place), and the place was deserted when I arrived at 12pm. I am sure I may have had a totally different experience had I gone to all the exciting things, like the cigar terraces and the oyster bars, but I did not, and I was just sitting in a deserted room lacking atmosphere. The food I thought was ok, but it was not amazing. I had the “secretts farm heritage tomatoes with Bagborough farm goat’s cheese, peashoots & olives” as well as the “Atlantic prawn cocktail with English lettuce, green Harissa mayonnaise, Marie-rose sauce” and my friend Gregor had the “fish & chips” which apparently had “Certified sustainable line caught haddock” and this was served with tartar sauce and mushy peas. The tomato salad was nicely decorated and I loved the various colorful tomatoes used, but I did think the goats cheese was extremely overpowering in the dish and I was not a huge fan of the soup that was going on at the bottom of the dish. The prawn cocktail was nice though, as good as it should be. Gregor was not thoroughly impressed with his fish and chips though. Gregor comes to London very rarely and he has not really had much typical British food, so he was keen to have the traditional fish and chips, but he was a bit disappointed. I tasted some of his fish and chips and I have to agree with Gregor, it was not particularly amazing and you can get a very similar fish and chips in my local fish and chip shop. I feel a bit sad because I feel like I have not experienced the true Boisdale though, and I think this place probably has much more to offer, but I just did not see it. And also even though the food is not amazing, it still gives you a taste of the traditional, which is these days is quite hard to find in a very international London. Nevertheless if you have someone coming over from abroad that wants to taste Scottish food, do take them to Boisdale, but maybe do it during the evening, when it is livelier

Date: 21/09/12
Location: Canary Wharf
Price for 2, including service charge: £38.19

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Cabot Square, Canary Wharf E14 4QT
United Kingdom
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