Nov 24 2012

Bone Daddies


I thought this was the best Ramen place in London up until the very last moment when I actually tasted my noodles. Bone Daddies is the latest Japanese noodle restaurant to be opened in Soho (London is going through a mini noodle craze it seems), on a small side street, and Bone Daddies is by far the coolest/ trendiest ramen place in my view. The name of the restaurant apparently can be interpreted in a bit of a sexual way (my boyfriend tells me and had to explain, as little naïve me would not get it), and also on the menu alcohol is divided into "hard" (not so strong alcohol) and "harder" (stronger alcohol) and you can find "Asahi super creamy head" beer on the menu, which I don't think Asahi named in that way. Also in one of the ramen noodles you can find "cock scratchings", and I was very intrigued by this and had to ask the waitress what this meant and she explained this was just like pork scratchings just using chicken. Besides the funky names, the place is also very cool, and very typical Soho like, with high bar stools and high tables scattered around the room. We decided to order 2 ramen soups and also 3 side dishes, that they call "snacks" on the menu. We ordered broccoli with a sauce, a dish called "cabbage and miso", which was exactly that - cabbage and miso paste, and also some homemade pickles, although the menu had all sorts of interesting things like yellowtail sashimi, chicken and soft shell crab, but unfortunately on this occasion I did not taste this. The cabbage and miso dish as I said did not have any creativity, and the waitress bought us some cabbage leaves and some miso paste. Note I could easily create this at home (as I also have miso paste at home and use it to cook), but as it cost £2.5 and as I quite like cabbage, I am not really complaining. The homemade pickles were excellent and once again reasonably priced at £3 (a week ago I had worse pickles in the Korean restaurant Bibigo, similar portion, which cost £5, so Bigigo should learn from Bone Daddies how to price their dishes). The homemade pickles were delicious and really nice and interesting variety. The broccoli dish was also great, and the sauce that accompanied it was very delicious. By this time I thought I was going to give Bone Daddies a higher rating than for Tonkotsu, the other ramen restaurant a few roads down in Soho, that I had visited a few weeks ago. After our starters our ramen dishes arrived and we had ordered 2 ramen dishes to share, ramen called T22, which had Chicken Bone Broth, soy ramen, chicken and the already mentioned cock scratchings, and ramen called "Tonkotsu ramen" that had 20 hour Pork Bone Broth and spring onions, chashu pork, and despite the absolute amazing presentation of the ramen (see pictures, they were the prettiest ramen bowls I have seen in London with so many different colours and elements), I just found the broths and the ramen too overpowering. I was first eating the chicken broth and there were so many things going on, on that plate, the chicken, the scratchings, rocket salad, onions, and it all made the taste extremely overpowering and even though I thought (in my mind) I would like strong broths, this one I just found too much. The pork broth (and note they are so so so different the chicken and pork broths, if you go there try to have one of each so you can taste, as I never though the broths would be so different in taste) was slightly easier to eat, but still it was just very strong for me, and I could not eat any of these too much (the broths in Tonkotsu I finished in minutes). The ingredients there are great though, and if I was complaining that in Tonkotsu they don't give you enough pork in the ramen, here they give you a lot, not just pork but everything, so I think it is better value for money in terms of pure amount of food. The cool thing also is that every table has garnish that you can add to your ramen, there is garlic, a garlic crusher, soy sauce, chilli sauce, so you can add these things to your ramen if you want to (I found it so strong I did not need to pimp up my ramen any more). Maybe I just chose the wrong ramen, and maybe they do have a ramen that I will like, but until then I give this place MMM. Just based on the taste of ramen I could give it a lower ranking, but then again I loved the place, the vibe there and all the other dishes that I had, as well as the value for money

Date: 24/11/12
Location: Soho
Price for 2, including service charge, no alcohol: £42.75


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Bone Daddies
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