Oct 30 2012

Brasserie Blanc


Brasserie Blanc is owned by the famous French chef Raymond Blanc, who has become one of Britain's most respected chefs and also owns Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons, a hotel-restaurant in Oxfordshire, that has two Michelin stars, and that I really want to go to at some point. Brasserie Blanc is a chain and it took over some of Chez Gerard’s location’s when it went bankrupt and I went to the branch next to St Paul’s located on Bread Street (conveniently only meters away from Gordon Ramsey’s and Jamie Oliver’s restaurants) with 4 of my good Latvian girlfriends for a catch up. Despite being a chain I was hoping Raymond Blanc would make it interesting and “a good chain” with great food especially as he himself says “Brasserie Blanc is the perfect place for relaxed enjoyment that serves simple, high quality food that comes as close as possible to the meals that my mother prepared for me at home in Besançon and at a price that encourages you to visit us regularly”. But despite these nice words, unfortunately I did not see this in Brasserie Blanc. The Brasserie is well decorated, it is simple yet cozy, and the menu is an A4 piece of paper and besides the normal starters and main courses there is a special section on “steaks” and you can chose 7 different ones. As none of us were feeling extremely hungry we just decided to order the main course and skip the starter. Agnese and I ordered the steak tartar, that had “Hand minced fillet steak, egg yolk, capers, shallots, gherkins, Dijon mustard and Tabasco”, Santa ordered the “roast Barbary duck breast, spiced plum compote, gratin dauphinois”, Lasma went for the “Loch fyne mussels, white wine and cream, French fries” and Katrina ordered the “Seared hake fillet, lemon and parsley butter sauce, smooth mash”. At this point I accidentally dropped my camera and broke the outer lens, but luckily I could still take good pictures (look at the beautiful picture of steak tartar that I took), but clearly this was not great, as I now have to pay big money to fix it. The waiters were quick to come around and mop up the broken glass. We had to wait quite a while for the food (and also later for the tea and the bill) even though the restaurant was not busy at all, which was a bit disappointing, and despite the long wait which would give you hope that the food would be amazing, unfortunately I did not find it to be that nice. Agnese and I did not particularly like our steak tartar, as it did not seem to be cut consistently and properly and you could get some huge pieces of steak in there as well as smaller ones (some bizarre shapes), which was just strange, and I have never seen it anywhere that they can’t cut the meat properly, and if I am paying 18 pounds I would expect at least the meat to be nicely cut. The meat also did not taste amazing, and it did not feel like they had used a particularly good quality of meat, despite them saying “Hand minced fillet steak” on the menu. It was nicely seasoned though, and had enough of the hint of various things added to it. Santa also did not really like the duck, she said she thought it was overcooked and also thought it had been cooked a while ago and then kept warm under the hot lamps (quite an interesting scenario I would never have thought of this myself). Lasma did like her mussels though and Katrina also said her fish was nice, so I guess the food is a bit hit and miss here and you can get some nice things. The fries that accompanied my steak tartar and Lasma’s mussels were ok, nothing amazing though and as I have had so many different fries recently that accompany burgers, these fries did fall short of what I have eaten in the past few weeks. I personally will not be going back to this place as there was nothing memorable about Brasserie Blanc, the atmosphere was not amazing, the food was nothing special and if I want this type of food I would rather go to Brasserie Zedel and pay less for better food.

Location: St Paul’s
Date: 30/ 10/ 12”
Price for 1 with service charge, no alcohol: £26 

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Brasserie Blanc
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