Aug 30 2012

Brasserie Zedel


Brasserie Zedel is a lovely French brasserie, cheaper than Café Rouge (which I think serves disastrous food) but serving 10x better food and also offering 10x better atmosphere, I am still very stunned about this.  The restaurant is stunning, when you enter Brsserie Zedel first there is a little café that has a French feel to it, where you can have a nice little coffee with some little cakes, but if you keep walking past the café and down the stairs towards the restaurant you are presented with a beautiful Beaux Arts/Art Deco interior, and when I was doing this walk I kept looking to both sides to admire the interesting paintings. The whole atmosphere is gorgeous, you feel like you have entered a totally different world and transported into time many years ago. The restaurant is huge, it is a big dining hall with high ceilings and very luxurious and French feel to it, and despite the size, it was full when I was there eating my lunch and the buzz from people talking creates a wonderful character to this place. Besides the restaurant they also have a “bar Americaine” and a cabaret and jazz venue, and even though I did not visit either, I can just imagine the strong character these places would have. And even though the surroundings and décor do take your breath away, what stops you breathing are the prices on the menu. The cheapest starter, the “soup du jour” on the menu was £2.25 (btw Café Rouge sells their soup du jour for £5.25, and for £2,25 you can only buy a baguette from the menu), and the average cost of a starter is £4. Note the very interesting thing was that all the starters were in French, they had not translated them on the menu in English and in my broken GCSE French I could understand what half of the starters were, but had problems with the rest. The main courses were in English (as well as French) and they were equally nicely priced and cost on average £11, but you can get a nice pan fried chopped steak with a pepper sauce for £7.5 (the cheapest steak in Café Rouge is £11). In the end after studying the menu I decided to order the French fish soup or “Soupe de poisson et sa rouille” which was £4.25 and my friend Bernie ordered “Pissaladière” for £3.50, which is a pizza like dish with no tomatoes and bread dough (which is thicker) and topped with caramelized (almost pureed) onions, olives, garlic and anchovies (if you did not know what it was, don’t worry, neither did I! Bernie had to explain and I also had to Google). The fish soup was very delicious, it was very similar to the fish soups I have had in French restaurants for 3x the price. I also tried Bernie’s Pissaladière, and was not a huge fan of it, as I thought it was quite overpowering and maybe a tiny bit overcooked, but I am not an expert on this dish. At this moment a waiter approached me who asked me not to take pictures with a flash, and so I had to turn off my flash and because of that the pictures are super light as you can see. For the main course I decided to order one of the Choucroutes (which is an Alsacian recipe for preparing sauerkraut with sausages and other salted meats and charcuterie, and often potatoes) as there was a whole section in the menu dedicated to this and so I thought they probably know how to cook this well and also I love sauerkraut. I chose the traditional Choucroute alsacienne and despite this dish costing £11.95, it was big enough for 2, and I could only finish half of it. Apart from that it is exactly what it said on the menu cabbage with sausages, and if you like this kind of thing you would have enjoyed it. Bernie decided to go for some “Filet de daurade au fenouil, sauce vierge” which was pan fried fillet of sea bream with fennel, it looked beautifully presented, was a big portion and also quite delicious (Bernie let me try some) and was £13.50. After our meal we were feeling full and we initially did not want to go for desert but then we saw some Ile flottante (floating islands, so yummy) on the menu for £2.75 we had to have them, as we both loved this dish, and it turned out to be superb, and probably the best value for money desert I have had, and very similar to the one you can have in the Arts Club for much more money. I really don’t think you can have better value for money French food in London and in such a cool atmosphere. 

Date: 30/ 08/ 12
Price for 2, no alcohol, including service charge: £61.37
Location: Piccadilly Circus


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Brasserie Zedel
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