Jul 24 2013

Bread Street Kitchen

Bread Street Kitchen is a European type of restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, owned by Gordon Ramsey, located in the City, next to St Paul’s Cathedral. Bread Street Kitchen is also located next to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Barbecoa (MMm) which has better views of St Paul’s (which you unfortunately can’t see from Bread Street Kitchen) but I prefer the food at Bread Street Kitchen.

Bread Street Kitchen is open for breakfast and brunch, and I have been there for breakfast on a weekday and the breakfast is excellent. You can have many different classics and more creative dishes and it is all very tasty. This time I went to Bread Street Kitchen for lunch with my friends Paul and Nick. Booking a table was easy and I changed the date and time 1 day before my meal. Bread Street Kitchen is bigger and seats more people than Barbecoa so it is easier to get a reservation there.

Bread Street Kitchen has a New York loft feel and a mix of vintage and modern interior, and it feels very trendy, trendier than Barbecoa. The head chef is Erion Karaj who is Albanian (not many Albanian chefs around in London!) and he cooks his food on one side of the room in an open kitchen. The menu has recently changed and previously they had a menu that was separated by “raw section”, “wood oven section” and underneath each section you could see starters and main courses, which was sort of a bit confusing as you had to look all over the place to see starters, they were not in the same place, but I actually liked this creative touch. Although now they have changed the menu and it is a standard starters and main courses menu, I guess because too many people found it confusing.

The starter that I really wanted to have was “Halibut, aji amarillo pepper dressing, corn kernels”, as this had a Peruvian touch to it (aji Amarillo pepper is traditional Peruvian sauce and corn kernels are also Peruvian), but they did not have it, and even though the waiter suggested I go for the stone bass, I chose “Salmon ceviche, ruby grapefruit, jalapeno, lime and coriander”. I really enjoyed this. Paul had the same thing and he agreed that it was very good, interesting with the grapefruit, and I liked how there was a bit of grapefruit and it did not overpower the dish. I also very much liked the lime, chilli and coriander, made it very tasty. It was not prepared how a ceviche traditionally is, it was more like sashimi (or in Peru they are tiraditos) not that I mind. Paul had a comment though that he would have preferred if it was better presented. Nick’s main course was “Saltwater prawns on toast with brown crab mayonnaise”, which I also tasted and both of us agreed it was very good, I thought the prawns very fresh and Nick liked how the sauce was separate from the prawns so you could adjust how much you wanted to add.

My main course was “Seared loin of yellow fin tuna with a sesame, soya, black pepper, coriander dressing served with fennel, red onion salad”. I thought they gave you a lot of tuna and it was very tasty, but I did not like how they had covered the whole tuna in the sauce and wish they had put the sauce on the side. The fennel salad was ok, but not amazing. Nick had a “28 day aged beef sirloin 10oz” which he really enjoyed and said it was very good and Paul had “Spiced braised lamb shank, mash potato, baby onions, wild garlic gremolata” which he also very much liked and said it was very good. As sides we all shared some “Hand-cut chips”, which were good and tasty, “Carrot &red onion coleslaw”, which I thought was a very ordinary coleslaw and “Steamed cauliflower and broccoli with romesco sauce” which I personally did not try but you can see in the picture.

Date: 24/ 07/ 13
Location: St Paul’s
Price for 3 people with a large bottle of beer and service charge: £187.86

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I went to Bread Street Kitchen again the other day for breakfast with my friends Hugo and Ian, and this is also a great place to have breakfast, not just lunch. I keep the same rating, but you can see below the food that we had. The menu features your classic breakfast dishes, Eggs Benedict, omelettes, English Breakfast, muesli, fruit, yoghurt etc. and also more exotic dishes like “Ricotta hot cakes, banana, honeycomb butter”. The dishes cost from £2.50 for a toast and some jam to £12 for the English Breakfast. I had scrambled eggs with salmon, nice and small plate, healthy, great to kick-start your day, especially after a bit of drinking that I had done the previous night. It was exactly what it said it would be – salmon and scrambled eggs, but both things were done well. Hugo and Ian both had the typical English Breakfast and Hugo chose to have it with scrambled eggs and Ian had poached eggs. Both dishes looked good, typical English breakfast, and both boys finished their plates clean. They also bring you nice wholemeal bread toasts to have with your dishes with soft butter, which was lovely. If I need to have breakfast in the city, Bread Street Kitchen, together with Hawksmoore are the two obvious choices for me. 


Date: 16/ 08/ 13

Price for 3 people for breakfast with service charge: £58.33

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Bread Street Kitchen
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United Kingdom
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