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This is another restaurant in Istanbul that offers a nice view of the Bosphorus and nice Turkish food. Bridge restaurant is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and overlooks the Bosphorus and one of the bridges. They serve Turkish food which is quite similar to the food in other nice Istanbul restaurants.

What I really liked about this place is how they served the olives, before we had our starters, the olives were crushed in olive oil and accompanied with some pecan nuts, and I had never had olives served in this way and I did think this was really good and tasty. As a starter we had a selection of 4 things on the same plate, the Bombay beans served in olive oil, stuffed wine leaves, eggplant salad and hot pepper with walnut, and all of these things were nice and I especially loved the stuffed wine leaves. After the cold starters we also got one hot starter, which was onion and minced meat stuffed in a cous ball, which was lovely. For the main course we all got a huge “Gavurdag” salad which consisted of tomatoes chopped with onions, green peppers, walnuts, red pepper flakes and pomegranate, and I absolutely loved this, I was the only person on the table out of 7 that finished the whole thing, one of the best tomato salads I have had. To go with the salad we also got a plate full of different types of meat, there was lamb, kofte kebab, duck and beef and even though I though the meat was good, I still prefer the different types of meat you get in Kosebasi.

Altogether I would say it is a very good restaurant, but not my favourite one in Istanbul. Nevertheless if you want good Turkish food and a good view of the Bosphorus this is one of the restaurants you should consider visiting.

Date: 07/09/12
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

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Nakkaştepe Yolu baba Nakkaş Sk No:62 34674 Nakkaştepe
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