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Brompton Asian Brasserie


Brompton Asian Brasserie is the 2nd restaurant that Mr Novikov has opened in London (the first one being restaurant Novikov in Mayfair). Brompton Asian Brasserie is located in South Kensingto (another wealthy area just like Mayfair) and serves pan Asian food, the sort of food Novikov’s Mayfair Asian restaurant does. You can read more about Arkady Novikov in my Novikov review bur he is one of Russia's most successful restaurateur that owns more than 50 restaurants throughout in Moscow (some that I have visited and you can read those reviews).

When the 4 of us arrived to Brompton Asian Brasserie on a Friday night at around 7.30pm it was empty and we were the only people there in the large restaurant located both on the ground floor and basement. Just like in the Mayfair Novikov restaurant there is an open plan kitchen so you can watch the chefs cook and a lot of the produce is on display (many of Mr Novikov’s restaurants have this sort of layout). The restaurant did fill up a bit as the evening went by but it never was full. My boyfriend thinks that Novikov also was not full at first and these restaurants do get more clientele as time passes but Brompton Asian Brasserie has already been open a few months.

The menu at Brompton Asian Brasserie (just like the menus in restaurants in Moscow – if you have been there you will know what I am talking about) offers many many different things including soups, small dishes, salads, tempura, dim sum, sushi, robata grill dishes, wok dishes and sides. The main chef here is the Australian Nathan Dallimore who has moved over from Moscow .

We ordered each two dishes (apart from me that chose three small things) from all these sections. I was feeling super healthy and went for the “seaweed salad” and “Sicilian tomato salad with red onion, sea pursiane and coriander” and the spicy tuna maki rollsi. The salads at £8 and £8.5 were super overpriced but did have slightly larger than you normally get portions, but still overpriced. They were good thought, seasoned and just like they should taste. The maki was also good, well rolled and with fresh fish. As starters my friends also ordered “crispy black cod rolls with mango sauce” and “pork & prawn sui mai with truffle” dumplings from the dim sum section, and both were good. I was slightly more impressed with the crispy black cod rolls as they were more unusual and were very delicious but at £12 a portion and so £3/each they were not cheap.

The main courses we ordered were “king crab salad with avocado and soya dressing”, “Argentinian beef fillet with truffle and teriyaki sauce”, “Braised beef short rib” and side dishes of steamed Asian vegetables and grilled shitake mushrooms with garlic soya butter. The Argentinian beef with truffle was excellent. So tasty and soft and good with the truffle and for £25 for an average piece of meat actually not bad value for money. My boyfriend’s beef short rib was also nice. The steamed Asian vegetables were perfecto for someone watching their weight, steamed vegetables with nothing added to them, with still a bit of crunch. The crab in the king crab salad was nice but the salad had a lot of avocado, disproportionately so.

Some dishes like the crispy black cod rolls and the Argentinian beef with truffle were excellent and sort of worth the price you pay, but overall I thought the food was overpriced, just like in Novikov but at least in Novikov when I went there the last time the atmosphere was much better with the buzzing room which is full of people and the cool bar, and also I think the food is better. Overall we spent £370 (we did have a lot of alcohol) and I left absolutely hungry. I could have had 2x the food that we ordered. Paying £100/person and leaving hungry is not great, but we did have some great dishes.

Date: 04/ 04/ 14
Location: South Kensington
Price for 4 people with alcohol: £370

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Brompton Asian Brasserie
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