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Bubbledogs is a champagne and hot dog restaurant in Fitzrovia. A lot of people have commented on the unlikely combination of hot dogs and champagne but the co-owner of Bubbledogs Sandia Chang apparently loves the 2 things and thought she could combine them in a restaurant. She co-owns and runs this restaurant with her celebrity chef husband James Knappett who has previously worked at Marcus Waring and Ledbury and I recently read a magazine saying he was the “one to watch”, and besides the hotdogs and champagne he also cooks dinner in the back of Bubbledogs around a special chefs table (I have also been there and will write a separate review on this). Both James and Sandia are absolutely lovely and very nice to talk to. The hype around this place is massive, and I have been asked wheteher I have been to this restaurant many more times than I have been asked about any other one, and the queue to get in during the evenings is usually massive. You can only book a table at Bubbledogs if you are 6 or over which means most people either have to arrive early or wait in the queue (and this can easily take you 2h). I went to Bubbledogs for lunch and even though I arrived at 11.55, all the tables had already been taken or booked so I had to sit at the bar. The menu of hot dogs is extensive and they have extremely cool, very cliché names like “Trishna Dog” for an Indian inspired hot dog, “K-Dawg” for a hot dog with a Korean twist and “Jose” for a Latin inspired hot dog. You can also have each hot dog with either a pork, beef or a vegetarian sausage, and I tried all 3 in different hot dogs and I must say I found very little difference in taste, which means this is such a cool place for vegetarians, as they can go and eat hot dogs without sacrificing on the taste. My friend Amit and I had 3 hot dogs at first – the “Trishna Dog”, which had mint, mango chutney, and coriander added to the hot dog, the “K-Dawg”, which included kimchi, fermented red bean paste, and lettuce and “The red rocket”, which had red cabbage and spicy mustard, and we also had some tots and sweet potato fries to go with it. I like hot dogs, and even though I would not eat them every day, when I am in NY I love grabbing one off the street corner van. They were extremely nicely executed at Bubbledogs, each hot dog was tasty and I did finish all of them. The tots (I had to ask what these were as I did not know and they are like hash browns) and the sweet potato fries were ok, but I could not eat too much of them, as combining them with hot dogs was a bit too heavy for me. I also had a glass of their rose champagne, which was delicious. Not sure I think the combination of hot dogs and champagne is that amazing, but I love rose champagne and fast food, so I was happy. After sharing 3 hot dogs Amit and I felt greedy and ordered another one, the latin inspired “Jose” with salsa, avocado, sour cream and pickled jalepenos, which once again was great. I was ready to give this place a MMMM ranking but before publishing my review I went to Chicago for a 5 day long weekend and I had the Chicago hot dog there and this kind of changed my perception of hot dogs, as I did find the ones in Chicago much tastier, so I had to downgrade my ranking. The concept is definitely cool, and also nicely executed and with a great creative twist, however because I have had the Chicago hot dogs, which I thought were much nicer, I can’t really rank them that high, and also note making a hot dog is not the hardest thing to do and serve.


Date: 28/09/12

Price for 2 with 3 glasses of champagne and 2 cocktails and service charge: £104.06

Location: Googe Street


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70 Charlotte Street W1T 4QG
United Kingdom
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