Aug 13 2014

Buenos Aires


I loved the restaurants I visited and steaks I had when I was in Argentina a few years ago and I have been trying to find a restaurant in London to replicate this ever since. I was walking past Buenos Aires restaurant one day and it said it provides the “ultimate Argentine experience” and so I wanted to give it a try. Buenos Aires restaurant group was established in June 2007 and today has 8 steakhouses across London and south-east England (I guess the moment when I learnt it was  a chain I should have lowered my expectations). It was founded by Cristian and Linda Barrionuevo.

I went to Buenos Aires city branch, located next to bank station, on a Thursday lunchtime. The restaurant was sort of busy but not too busy. What I did like about the menu was that besides the steaks it had different sort of traditional Argentinian dishes like empanadas (little savoury filled pastry), grilled provoleta (apparently a typical Argentinian starter of provolone cheese with slow cooked tomato and oregano) and other things I had not really seen before and which to me looked quite authentic. As our starter we went for the empanadas (2 for £7.50) which we had with beef (you could have them also with ham and cheese or humita). I did not think the empanadas were particularly good, especially if compared to other Argentinian empanadas I have had, the pastry was too thick and I was not keen on the filling as well.

My lunch buddy and I ordered a steak for our main course and steaks were divided into 225g, 285g and 340g which I like as very rarely you can see steaks less than 300g in a steak restaurant and I can’t actually finish a 300g steak so I chose the 225g steak, sirloin, and my lunch buddy went for the rib-eye. We chose all three of their sauces to try – mushroom sauce, green peppercorn sauce and blue cheese sauce and side orders of mixed house salad (with soft leaves, tomato, cucumber, red onion, house dressing), green beans and fries which were topped with Parmesan cheese. I actually thought the steak was quite ok, well-seasoned and I liked the purple salt that came with it and was good. The sides were not as good as you get in Hawksmoore or Goodman, the chips were just ok, the salad quite uninspiring and the green beans sort of ok. Also I have no idea why they did not have on the menu the typical Argentinian chimichurri sauce. I love this sauce and have always had it with steak in Argentina, so they failed on authenticity here.

The lunch was not expensive, £86.40 for 2 people which is cheaper than what you would pay in a premium steakhouse but also the lunch was not as good as you would have in a steakhouse like Goodman or Hawksmoore. Also whilst it had some authentic Argentinian dishes, it was not completely authentic and lacked quite a few elements. I just did not feel fully like I was going to an Argentinian steak house.

Date: 07/ 08/ 14
Location: Bank
Price for 2 people, no alcohol, with service charge: £86.40

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Buenos Aires
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