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A bunny is a dish that originated in Durban’s (South Africa) Indian community, in the 1940s, and essentially is a hollowed out loaf of bread that is filled with curry or some other stew like sauce. The restaurant Bunnychow sells these bunnies in Soho in a small little restaurant. I can’t actually quite call it a restaurant and it is more like a casual eatery. I think this place is perfect if your work in Soho or nearby and want to have a more than average interesting lunch, but this is no dinner restaurant. The “restaurant” is open 7 days a week from breakfast to late in the evening and serves a special English breakfast bunny with the loaf filled with typical English breakfast ingredients.

We came to Bunnychow for lunch on a Saturday, the restaurant was quite empty with another party besides us in the restaurant. The menu is quite small and features 5 different bunnies that cost £5 on average. You can chose the bread you want to have with it from white bread, brown/ grain bread to gluten free bread and this bread is baked fresh every day. You then chose the filling and I chose to have the “Durban bunny” as I thought this would be the most traditional one, the closest I would get to the original Durban bunny and it included slow cooked mutton curry, raita and mango chutney. My fiancé ordered the Piri Piri pork bunny with 8 hour pulled pork and Bunnychow’s Piri Piri sauce. The other bunnies on the menu (besides the English breakfast bunny) were the veggie one and the chicken one, so meat-wise these bunnies cater to all tastes.

The Durban bunny was definitely more impressive with a huge poppodum sticking out of it, I also preferred how it tasted to the Piri Piri pork bunny. The Piri Piri pork bunny was too sweet for me and I tasted more sweetness than spiciness, which I was not a fan of. But I liked the salad in this bunny. The mutton in the Durban bunny was well coked and tasty and it worked well with the raita and poppadums. I actually do like this concept of eating the bunny, as the filling made the inside of the bread soft, and it was actually quite nice to eat the bread together with the filling. As I said this is definitely an interesting alternative to your average lunch. At first the bunny looked quite small, but once you started eating it, you realized it was not, and it was filling, good lunch for a fiver.

Besides the bunnies the menu also has 4 sides, and we ordered geerly’s rice (spicy, sweet rice) for £1 and piri prii lamb ribs £1 for 2 pieces. We were given a small little bowl of rice and lamb, but considering it tasted well and cost only £2 was great. I loved the rice, it was delicious, a bit like Nando’s spicy rice but maybe a bit better. I liked the lamb and the sauce that went with it, it was very good, but my fiancé did not like the fattiness of the meat, I do agree it was quite fatty. But overall both the lamb and the rice were excellent, and it is quite unique to find sides that are as good and interesting as the main courses. As well as the sides, Bunnychow also offers some snacks for £2 like popcorn, chilli biltong, chilli & garlic scratchings, we did not have these.

Bunnychow is perfect for a quick differentiated lunch in Soho. I love the concept of a bunny and think people should try this at least once.

Price for 2 people with some drinks: £16
Date: 16/ 05/ 15
Location: Soho

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