May 20 2012

Burger Joint


This place is soooooooo cool!! Burger Joint is located in "Le Parker Meridien" hotel, in the uptown area of New York, which means you are in this posh area (Nobu next door) and walk into this beautiful high ceiling hotel Le Parker Meridien and then go past the reception, turn a corner, and you are in literally in “a burger joint” – a little corner burger place that has around 30 seats and burgers are sold over the counter (like Mc Donalds), with nice movie posters posted all over the walls. The transformation you see from that amazing hotel to this burger joint is something what makes this place so super cool … And they do serve amazing burgers. I have really been thinking about various burgers post visiting this place. The burgers in the Burger Joint are not like the ones you usually get in London (Bar Boloud, Burger and Lobster, Byron and GBK where the bread is quite thick and the meat part is very large as well  (and sometimes not that tasty) making it a very hard to eat burger due to the vertical size which means you often end up using cutlery which is not that cool when eating a burger). But the burger in the Burger Joint is more like the McDonalds burger, but with a bit more meat and less bread (and both about 100x tastier than in Mc Donalds, quite incomparable) and loads of really cool garnish (onions and pickles and mustard and ketchup etc) if you want to add this to your burger. This makes it a very cool and authentic burger and super delicious (much tastier than the ones I mentioned you could get in the London places). I personally did not finish my burger when I went there (as it was so late in NY and I was jetlagged and I almost fell asleep at the small table there) but the few bites that I took of it were soooo amazing I literally have been dreaming about this place and I definitely want to go back next time I am in New York and during the day when I am less sleepy to savor it fully.

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Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien Hotel
119 West 56th Street NY 10019
New York
United States
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