Mar 15 2015

Caballito Del Mar

Caballito Del Mar is a fish and seafood restaurant in Palma de Majorca, the capital city of the small Spanish island Majorca. Caballito Del Mar means a sea horse in Spanish and on Sunday before our flight back to London we wanted to have one last nice Spanish lunch. As it was a Sunday most of the high end restaurants we wanted to visit were closed, and very few restaurants were open. Initially we wanted to go to a tapas restaurant next to Caballito Del Mar which came highly recommended in various news articles, but that restaurant seemed to have closed down, and as so many places were closed and Caballito Del Mar looked quite nice, we decided to settle and eat there.

Even though it was raining we sat outside in the terrace area and enjoyed the warm weather. The restaurant overlooks some green area and some boats and is quite close to the sea. The menu at Caballito Del Mar featured Spanish fish tapas and main courses and we ordered a seafood paella to share, a dish we both love and wanted to eat one last time before heading back to London, as well as 2 starters – fried calamari and a pine nut, rucola and parmesan salad with balsamic vinegar. The rucola and parmesan salad was quite generic but the pine nuts were an interesting addition, which you usually don’t get in this dish, although I had mixed opinions about them. The calamari was quite nice, it did not strike me as particularly amazing calamari dish, but also was not bad at all. The paella was delicious, very flavoursome, the rice had a nice deep fish flavour and there was a lot of variety of seafood used in the paella from mussels, prawns to langoustines and crab. Also it was not too much food, and the paella for 2 people suited us perfectly.

On average we had been paying around EUR70 for the 2 of us during this Majorca trip, so I was a bit surprised when I got the bill for EUR105, which made me go through it and check it. When I went through the bill I discovered they had added extra food to our bill, 2 calamari (instead of 1), 2 salads (instead of 1) and some extra water and drinks. I am not sure whether they did this on purpose to charge us more and hoping we would not notice or if this was a genuine mistake. They were very quick to correct the bill though when I pointed this out, and I saved us EUR25 from doing this.

I don’t think Caballito Del Mar is the best seafood tapas restaurant in Majorca and it does feel quite commercial, but we had a nice time there.
Date: 22/03/15
Price for 2 people with some alcohol: 80 EUR (tried to charge 108)
Location: Palma de Majorca

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Caballito Del Mar
C/ Paseo Sagrera, 5 Palma de Mallorca
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