Nov 23 2013

Café Charlot

I was staying in Paris with my girlfriends for the weekend and on a Saturday morning we all fancied some light breakfast/ brunch in the neighbourhood area where we were staying. One of my friends suggested we go to Café Charlot, a neighbourhood French brasserie. Café Charlot is located on the corner of Rue Charlot and Rue de Bretagne in the Le Marais area in Paris. It is a very typical brasserie with people sitting outside and enjoying their morning cigarette and coffee and people sitting inside and eating a more substantial meal.  When we arrived at around 11.00 the place was full and they had problems finding us a table where to sit as there were seven of us.

The breakfast menu was quite simple and you could have an omelette, eggs benedict, eggs “Norwegien”, different types of pastry or their breakfast special. A few of the girls went for the breakfast special which looked great. They brought you a juice, a tea or a coffee and a croissant and some dark bread. They also brought you egg and soldiers (a soft boiled egg with some bread sticks and a sauce). All the girls that had this breakfast special absolutely loved it, they said everything was delicious and they had a great breakfast. One of my friends also had hot chocolate with the food which she said was the hot chocolate was divine.

Agnese and I had ordered the eggs “Norwegien” and we thought it would be eggs royal, or eggs with salmon (thinking Parisians call it Norwegien as Norwegians like salmon) and it turned out to be right (we did not check with the waitress what eggs Norwegien were, we could have been facing a nasty surprise of getting something different). I have mixed feelings about these eggs. I liked the salmon and I liked the bread on which this was served, also I liked how it was served with green salad and that the egg was perfectly runny. However the problem was that there was so much of this heavy sauce it sort of overtook the whole dish. Agnese also was not overly keen about it, and she thought this was sort of a plain eggs royal dish and they had not made it special like some other brunch places in London would. Lasma who had ordered eggs benedict, so poached eggs with bacon, did not like this dish at all (so much that next day when we had a choice of going for brunch she insisted of avoiding this place). The thing that I did find good about Lasma’s dish was that the bacon she got seemed thick and much better than you would usually get, it just felt more authentic. Katrina’s omlette seemed quite plain, made from free range eggs and served with a side green salad, but that is what she wanted.

I think Café Charlot is a nice casual French brasserie, but it is not the best one I have been to.

Date: 23/ 11/ 13
Location: Paris
Price for 7 people, without alcohol and no service charge: EUR 126.80

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Café Charlot
38 Rue de Bretagne 75003
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