Nov 24 2013

Café du March des Enfants Rouges


On a Sunday morning I wanted to get some brunch with my five friends in Paris. We were staying in the Marais area and so wanted to get food somewhere close by. We walked past quite a few places and Café du March des Enfants Rouges looked nice and we had not yet visited this brasserie and so decided to go there. Café du March des enfants rouges is a typical French brasserie, with red decor, loud French speaking waiters, tables and chairs outside where people drink coffee, eat a croissant and smoke a cigarette and with the more serious eaters inside. It is named after Le Marche des Enfants Rouges which is the oldest food market in Paris, built in 1615 under the rule of King Louis XIII, and the market means “Market of the Red Children” and the name comes from a nearby 17th century orphanage where the children wore red uniforms.

The menu at Café du March des Enfants Rouges was quite typical although the choice of dishes was bigger than in some of the other neighbouring brasseries. We went there at 11.30 and we could either chose one of the breakfast dishes, like scrambled eggs or omelette, sandwiches, salads or more substantial lunch dishes. I could not chose anything for a long time as no dish really stood out for me but in the end I went for scrambled eggs (made out of three eggs) and you could chose to have with it also cheese, ham or potatoes and I wanted to have potatoes. This was served with a green salad. I was actually quite disappointed when the dish arrived. It was super small and I felt hungry after eating it. The egg had been seasoned so that was good, but it was a bit runny, and I thought it was weird how they had put five fried potatoes on top of the eggs, this is definitely not how I imagined the dish to be. I did not like the salad too much as well, and I usually like salads in French brasseries, because there was not enough dressing and some of the leaves were extremely bitter.

Santa had ordered a steak tartare which was served with chips and you could either have the normal steak tartare or a more luxurious one which also had cheese and bacon. She chose the plain one but for some reason was given the more expensive one. I tried some of the chips which they said were home made, but I am not sure, and they were quite decent, not amazing, but also not bad fries. Santa did enjoy her steak tartar though. Agnese had chosen a croque monsier and she said she did not like it too much as usually they make it nicer with more cheese and she just did not think this was a particularly good one. Claire and Lasma had both opted for salad, Claire ordered a vegetarian salad and she got a huge plate of different vegetables, and she liked it but said she had hoped to get more egg in the salad. Lasma chose a chicken Caesar salad which had chunks of bacon, chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce croutons and parmesan cheese.

The food was not great overall and we also were not too keen on the service, how they gave the more expensive steak tartare or how they tried to give us a bottle of water even though we had ordered a jug of tap water. Not sure if they meant this and really tried to cheat us or were just careless. But nevertheless the food was not good enough for me to want to go back here again.

Date: 24/ 11/ 13
Location: Paris
Price for 5 people, no alcohol and no service charge: EUR95.5

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Café du March des Enfants Rouges
37 rue de Bretagne 75003
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