May 24 2014


I was going to Soho with my boyfriend to accompany him in some shopping (nothing exciting, just cycling stuff), and he said he had seen this place called Carbon next to his favourite Rapha shop and it had a huge queue so he thought it could be good and we should go there for brunch.


Carbom is an “eclectic wood charcoal grill restaurant” and they serve charcoal grilled meat, chicken, fish and vegetables with garnishes, in wraps and in salads. The building is black from the outside, like charcoal burnt. There wasn’t that much space inside. There were a few tables and so eating inside is not great, and best thing here to do is to get takeaway or eat here when it is not very busy. We arrived at 11.50 at the restaurant and as they only open from 12 we had to wait for a bit. At 12 when they did open, we were the first customers there and surprisingly it did take them a long time to make the food, which is probably why they have a queue. I found the menu very exciting, it had meat, chicken, fish and various vegetables served in various styles – Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Argentinian, Greek, Cypriot etc… so there was something for everyone.


We chose the Turkish dish for £6.50 which had “lamb kofte, augergines, omam bayildi, minted yoghurt and rice” as well as the Lebanese dish which had “grilled chicken taouk, Lebanese spiced potatoes, aioli”. Both dishes I thought were excellent. You could taste the meat had a great charcoal flavour, which I personally love, and which is actually so rare to find in London, people don’t charcoal grill things that much these days especially for under £10. But not just the meat, I thought the garnishes and extras were excellent too – all the ingredients seemed fresh. Also it was interesting to see so many different country dishes made and each dish was very different, it wasn’t like they were changing few things, each dish was unique and delicious.


I think this is a great value for money place in Soho. The ambience and interior are not great, but food is creative and made with skill and you pay less than £10 for charcoal cooked food, which is very hard to do at home.


Date: 24/ 05/ 14

Location: Soho

Price for 2 people, no alcohol and no service charge: £14

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78 Brewer Street W1F 9TY
United Kingdom
Carbon Reviewed by Hungry Bee Maija on . Rating: 3.5