Aug 1 2013

Casa Negra


Casa Negra, a Mexican restaurant and a sister restaurant to La Bodega Negra, recently opened in Shoreditch on the premises where Great Eastern Dining Room (part of the E&O and Eight Over Eight group) used to be. I went there for lunch with my friend Paul, so I could not really feel the atmosphere fully, as only a few tables were taken for lunch, but I can see how this place with the Mexican food and drinks could be a great place in the evening with great atmosphere.


When you walk in, at first there is a bar where you can sit and eat food which seems more casual, and further down there is also a more formal restaurant, and as it was extremely hot we decided to sit in the restaurant as it was a bit cooler there. From one side of the restaurant you could see the kitchen and the chefs working there. The dining room décor was very casual with plastic chairs and chilli bottles on the table, but despite this casual look (which I actually really liked), the food was very good.


Themenu was very similar to the menu in La Bodega Negra and was divided into a few sections, and from the section “antojitos” or little cravings in Mexican, we decided to get “corn tortilla chips with guacamole” which were nice with tasty guacamole, and a great way to start the meal. We also ordered another “antojito”, the “tostada de carne cocida en limon with Avocado & serrano chilli,” which had beef tartar, lemon, Serrano chilli, avodado, onion and coriander, and which I thought was a genuinely excellent been tartare. It was well seasoned and delicious, great dish.


From the salad section we chose the “ensalada verte” which had “gem lettuce, avocado, radish, tomato, queso rachero, greed goddess dressing”, and which was a good not a great salad, it just felt like something was not quite right. From the “mariscos” (seafood) selection we ordered both of the ceviches that were on the menu, the “aguachille rojo de camaron” which had prawns, red onion, cucumber, arbol salsa and lime and “ceviche de caballa” which had marinated mackerel, celery, Serrano, habanero and tostada. I absolutely loved both ceviches and thought both of them were different yet genuinely excellent, full of flavour.


We also had to have some tacos, so we ordered 2 tacos, the grilled fish, chipotle, jalapeno and cabbage taco as well as the “cochinita pibil” taco which had achicote & orange braised pork, red onion, black beans. The tacos were delicious, I preferred the pork one to the fish one, but they were both excellent, very similar to tacos I had in Taqueria in London, which I think serves some of the best tacos in London. And I loved the fact they were different, with different condiments and spices.


The last dish we ordered was called “aracherra, salsa con habanero” and was a grilled skirt steak with citrus and habanero salsa and we also ordered a side dish of “arroz rojo” which was long grain rice with tomato and cinnamon. The steak was probably the least impressive dish that I had, as it felt a bit tough despite costing £19 and I also did not really like the sauce. The rice was good, it was a bit mushy but I liked the flavours.


I think Casa Negra does better food than La Bodega Negra, and this is now one of my favourite places in London to get some margaritas (I tried both on the rocks and frozen) and great and tasty Mexican food in a cool atmosphere. This place is also perfect for a date.


Date: 01/ 08/ 13

Location: Shoreditch

Price for 2 people with alcohol and service charge: £165.94


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Casa Negra
54-56 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3QR
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